DartZeel NHB18 with other brand poweramps

this new topic following a reply in 'Siriusly it's the room' tread:

i'm very interested in experiences from any Dart owner/dealer on matching the Dart pre with other poweramps be it true balanced or SE.
we mostly see Dart combo users, and for reason i must conclude..
now Herve has strong opinions on balanced topology, his white papers on this are clear enough, see the website.
the Dart concept is purely single ended with a less is better approach. and so the 'B' version has the little transformers on the output/inputs.- correct me if i'm wrong here- a very clever solution but in theory there are losses with any transformers. then again with a true balanced concept there are twice the parts and twice the amount of transistors (or tubes).. my personal experience has shown me; more transistors and more parts equals less purity. now tonal purity is just one parameter but an important one though.

with the Stereophile NHB18 technical review by John Atkinson there were strange behaviours found on the XLR inputs/outputs when measured. pls look up the issue.
to me it is not clear whether the review example was a 'B' version or not.
following his peculiar findings, which we leave up to the factory to discuss -would be great to have Mr Delatraz himself reply- it is the more interesting what actual field owners experience when partnering the Dart 'B' preamp to a non Dart poweramp.

i'm both in admiration and saving up for the NHB18.

Tuboo: The version that Mr. Atkinson had was indeed an "A" version which has unbalanced XLR inputs which created the "strange behaviors".

It is true that the darTZeel philosophy is based on a single ended topology and when using the Model "B" amplifier with XLR connections, the signal does go through transformers. I personally prefer the RCA connections.

Also you mention a "Dart B preamp" of which there is no such thing. The only preamplifier model is the NHB-18NS.

Regarding mating the darTZeel NHB-18NS preamplifier with amplifiers other than darTZeel I have had great success in doing so with many other amplifiers. Of course the synergy between the darTZeel products is undeniable.

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I have used the DarTZeel preamplifier with very good results with Krell FPB 750 MCX amplifiers with the Dartzeel 50 ohm cable using a T BNC with a 50 ohm terminator and a BNC RCA-XLR adatpter. Loudspeakers were either the Krell LAT1000 or the Soundlab A1 PX.
thanks ! great info.
Maybe a little late to this thread but I am enjoying my darTZeel preamp with my Wyetech Topaz 211A power amp.
To be honest I have ordered a darT amp which I am hoping will arrive soon.
Will be interesting to compare the two.

Ironically I posted the same question on a new forum called whatsbestforum.

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