Witch of the two is a better speaker?
The most expensive and more exclusive of the two is better by definition. I have personally only heard the Vandy 5A's. Burmester isn't carried by anyone local who doesn't demand your net worth and credit worthiness first.
I refuse to do business with him niether he nor I give one perfectly spherical rabbit turd for the loss. Did you ever wonder how those rabbits do that? Better yet why manufacturers flock to the insane dealers.
I can't afford a Bentley, Rolls, Aston Martin or Lamborghini but the dealer is always pleasant and treats you like a person. I happen to own a decent driver's car perhaps that is the reason. Otherwise it isn't any more than 15-20% of the cost of cheapest model of that group.
Radrog: You will get a better response if you give some indications of what you expect from a speaker. What music do you listen to? What amplifier do you plan to use? What size is the room? What are the perceived shortfalls of your current speakers? How much do you want to spend?
I have heard both the B99 and 5A speakers and feel that the B99 is superior. It has a wide sound field (am I saying the right?) so you don't have to sit in the exact spot to get the best sound, has amazing high, med and low clarity and oomph. In fact, I prefer the B99 to any other speaker I have heard to include the Wilson (Watt 7 and Max 2). Since the bass is so good, you do not need any sub, even if part of a home theater system. But, hey, overkill is part of the fun and who doesn't like thier feet vibrating and windows rattling when Arnold pulls the trigger? Probably the only speaker that ourperforms this speaker is the Wilson Grand Slamm v3 which sold for over 100K. They are also probably the best looking speaker I have seen. They have a high acceptance factor with everyone who has seen them.