Burmester 948 power conditioner

Any thoughts? Anyone compare this to the Hydra, Powerplants, CFX, Accuphase, others? I know it's pricey, but is it worth it? Thanks for your opinions...
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I own one and i think it's better than anything available. Very Expensive and almost nobody owns them in the states. Has patented DC filtering that nothing else on the market has. Unlimited power reserves, non limiting. Also has filtered and non filtered outlets for digital and analog components. I had the PS Audio 600 which I disliked for about 10 different reasons. Have the Richard Gray unit but, use it mostly for video sources, like my plasma and DVD player. Try this link:

Yes. I do have that. Very expensive but it works. However, I have to say that your HiFi will perform with a bit unique burmester tone.
I just picked up a Burmester 948...very happy with it. It was 2nd hand like much of my system. Superior to my former Nordost Thor and Transparent Audio Power conditioner...both which were very competent. But nothing compared with the lower noise floor, dynamic capability and natural delivery of the Burmester 948.