Do the Burmester CD players have a distinct sound? Do they have particular strengths or weaknesses? It's hard for me to dem a unit hence the question (I am looking for an 001 or 006). I listen to a broad range of music but mainly, rock, indie and dance. Any views much appreciated. Thanks!
If you have the cash, Burmester should be great for that type of music! IMHO, the Burmester digital is up there with the best and if you like dynamics and bottom end weight (which normally goes in hand with the type of music you mention) the Burmester is the VERY best I've heard. The only weakness I have seen is they are sometimes fussy about certain brands of CD-R's and the price. Many of the other top cd players/seperates have the same problems.

Have fun!
I don't know if you would call it a "distinct" sound, but my 001 CDP sounded rich, warm, polished, and presented a very deep soundstage. I don't listen to much rock and dance music, but the 001 is well suited to vocals and small group jazz. Currently using it as a transport into a tube DAC.
thanks guys. seems like one to put on the short list!