Burmester 001

There has been no response on various newsgroups to questions as to the qualities of the Burmester 001. Harry Pearson has suggested that it is almost as good as the
969/970 reference combination. If so , then it is relative
'bargain'. How does the 001 compare to other great one box players such as the Linn cd12 and audio aero.
I bought a Burmester cdp 001 sight/sound unheard. I have Lloyd Walkers' table and Clearaudio ref cartridge. While it is not that good,it is a stunning unit. I now am not compelled to listen only to analog.Wonderful soundstage,good dynamic shading.A pleasure in the high frequeny and good sense of body to voice/piano. The unit can be a little "sweet" on its' own feet. I recommend a 2" set of Valid Points and a red Planar III pc from Omega Mikro. The chassis needs no damping. The quality is evident from the first touch of the controls. Good luck,Tom
Contact Carl at Audio Unlimited in Denver. He has one and is very knowledgable. 303 691 3407