Building HT and 2CH with Klipsch P-37f

Need some help on building a stereo and a HT system with Klipsch P-37, I'm not even sure I can achieve that, so basically want to achieve in building both HT and stereo without compromising one another. The only thing that I have bought for right now is Anthem MCA 50 amp and anthem BD player. need some help in selecting a pre-amp, I can even sell the MCA-50 if it won't work. So basically need advice like it was your own and were tryIng to acomplish that. I was looking at rotel RSP-1570. Need advice on selecting a pre-amp, amp, and a cd player, already have a BD. Please go easy as this is my first time getting into something like this. Thanx
Ok i did a little research and i guess what i need will a AVR for my HT then i.m going to with a pre-amp and a 2CH amp for stereo, my question can this be done with every Pre-Amp, what do i need look for specifically

Nice speakers. Haven't heard them but have heard good things about them.

Here are a couple of links that might help.

I think this subject has been covered many times on this forum so try a detailed search in the forums.

Here is another option.

Yes you can pass the front two channels to any preamp with an open analog input. If the preamp does not have HT bypass you will need to manually set the volume each time. You can set the preamp volume at 12:00 and do a one time volume level of the fronts. You will just need to set it at 12:00 every time. Most HT bypasses just set the volume anyway. A true loop through will be better in theory but I would just by what ever preamp you want.... it is really not a big deal to set it each time.

This will sound very good for two channel because the home theater stuff will be out of the loop. In theory the extra volume control of the preamp will hurt your front in HT mode but if you can actually hear it more power to you.

The only real way to have both without compromising is to have a multi channel analog preamp and multi channel mono amps. The problem with this set up is you need to let the blu ray play control the bass management which can leave a lot to be desired.
I want to see come pictures of those P-37F... you need system pics!