Budget SC for Rogue and Vapor

I've been running Signal Ultra bi wire between my LSA monitors(great speakers btw)and my Rogue Cronus Magnum. I'm pretty happy with them for the money tho they may be just a touch too veiled. Not bad at all.

I am anxiously waiting on a set of Vapor Breeze to arrive. I've wanted to own Vapor speakers for a long time and these are loaded with the best of everything.

Since the Vapors are not bi wired I need some cables. But since I've recently purchased two sets of speakers, cart, tubes and the Signals, I need to keep the budget down for now.

Would like to get some suggestions for cables in the $100-200 range that would pair well with the amp and speakers.

Look at the Grover Huffman stuff. Great cables at a very reasonable price
Thanks, have heard good things on the Grover's.

Anyone heard Luminous Synchestra sc's?
VH Audio Chela were recommended to me for the Vapors. Reviews sound great. Going with those first.
Another shout out for Grover Huffman's products. Compared against half dozen others for interconnect and speaker with varying electronics, but always the same speakers-Chapman T77SE's a one off of his T-9. Huffman's quickly distinguished from all others as superior to my ears. Recently had a chance to insert much more expensive interconnect(I've owned lesser models in the line and liked them)and almost immediately went back to the Huffman's.