Budget CD player with volume control?

Looking for a Cd player that has a volume control(especially remote). I still want to use my preamp, but just want the option of using the Cd players remote to adjust the volume, as my preamp has no remote. Are these available, or only the higher end ones have this feature?
Look for a Denon cd player, some have the volume control on the remote

Get a Marantz 67se.
Good listening!
No some of the McCormack players have the variable out. Plz check with manufacturer.
Sony XA7ES has variable outputs that enable connection to your preamp and you can control the volume via Sony's remote. Sweet sounding player, very nice and can be had about $900 or below used.
Keep in mind that the volume controls on budget CD players are generally digital. That means that when volume is lowered from max, it affects the bits and thus the resolution of the output signal. You might be better off picking up a used Creek OBH 10 or 12, a passive remote preamp often available for as little as $150.
Do a search here on Audiogon on analog vs. digital CD volume control for more information on this.
I own a Cary 303-200 with volume control and metal remote. Good build quality,it sounds great and you can pick them up used for about $1500. or so.