Bryston vs Simaudio ?

What is the best ?

The MOON i-3 integrated amplifier

The Bryston B100 SST Integrated Amplifier

Check out the Rowland Integrated if you want something truely amazing! of the ARC VSI55 which is also extremely musical and a bargin.
If you are interested in the mentioned, you really ought to also audition Linar. Canadian made, by the founder of Simaudio. I own the preamp-2 and the 250i, paired with Gershman Avantgarde rx-20. I know this is not a direct answer to your question but maybe it offers another alternative? UHF magazine gave the 250i a great review.
the sim i3 i have is pretty dam good sounding for what it is,no experience with the bryston stuff.if your interested in those two,listen before moving on to others,imho.
While there is no "best" in this subjective hobby, I have owned the SimAudio I-5, and recently purchased a 100B-SST w/ DAC (3 months ago). To my ears, the 100B-SST has better bass control, resolution, imaging and neutrality than the I-5. The DAC is also substantially better than the cheap transport DAC (a Pioneer DVD) that is used to feed it. It's a damn fine integrated.

I also paid significally more for the 100B-SST than the I-5 so it should be an improvement. Again, unfortunately, this is not necessarily true in this hobby. The I-5 is still a great little integrated, and for a used price of $1400 or so it is tough to beat.

It should be noted I use(d) Totem Model-1 Sigs with both the I-5 and 100B-SST. Totem speakers generally perform poorly when underpowered; and they seem to be power hungry.

My local dealer carries both SimAudio and Bryston. Maybe your does too? Listen and see what you like best. You might also want to check out the recently updated Bryston 60-SST (the same output devices to the entire SST amplifer line) for a more "reasonable" comparison to the I-3.

I have not done an I-3 to 100B-SST comparison, but based on the I-5, I would expect similiar but even larger differences.
Thanks to all of you. I have no choice for the dealer because he made me a offer for a inssurance contract. sorry for my english i am french from Canada.
I think that the totem Forest is ok with an amp of 60w and more look the link here:
From Canada is Blue Circle's NSCS integrated amplifier.
I thought enough of it's sound to have put one in my system.