Bryston SP-2 & HDMI

I am assembling a home theater system for the first time and recently purchased a used Bryston SP-2 as my processor. I noticed that Bryston does not include any sort of HDMI connection on the SP-2 or the video switcher they sell seperately. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this might be, and if it is a big deal or not?
The reason why is that this was designed before HDMI became the standard for HD audio codecs. Their new SP-3 will have HDMI.

Is it a big deal? Yes, if you expect to get the best audio from BluRay discs and, now also, SACD.

Thanks Kr4. Do you know if the SP-2 will be upgradeable to the SP-3?
Never mind Kr4. I just pulled up some info. Looks like they are going to have a trad-in program of some sort for SP-2 owners. It says a fully loaded SP-3 will go for around $10,000.
Well, depending on the trade-in deal, you might consider alternative prepros that cost less.