Bryston or Classe for NHT 3.3

Hi all,

I have a question where you hopefully can provide some input/experience.

I'm currently using NHT 2.9's for L/R in a 5.1 set-up. The 2.9's are powered by a B&K reference 4420. I'll use the 2.9's/B&K as surround speakers and will use the 3.3's as L/R.

Now I'm tryimg to decide which amplifier would best match the NHT 3.3's.

I hear at lot of people like the Classe/NHT combination. On the other hand I have also heard good things about the Bryston/NHT combination. And of course the excellent warranty from Bryston (consider that important, since I'll buy used).

Now, what do you guys think? Anybody with 3.3.'s (or 2.9's) having any experience with these amplifiers?

Ah, and I understand that the Bryston warranty is transferable. What do I need to look for, that is, do I need a receipt/purchased from an authorized dealer to get the warranty?

Thanks a lot for any feedback!
I had Bryston 3b-st and then 4b-st with NHT 2.5 then 2.9 for about 5 years. At one point I even bi-amped the 2.9 speakers. Which in retrospect seemed a waste of time. The sound with this combination was a little bright and fatiguing for my tastes. Especially, during 10 hour listening sessions (I love my music).

Today after figuring out what I really want in my system I changed to the SST line of Bryston amps with Revel speakers. I would describe the top end of these new amps as being a little softer than the old ST line. I "think" the SST line would have been perfect with my old 2.9's (I have never heard this combo). So the major complaint I had with the old ST/2.9 setup would likely be gone with the SST line.

Now, with my new system, I have tremendous difficulty getting my ass away from the stereo. I listen fatigue free for hours. I also used a SS pre with the ST's and I am also currently using a SS preamp. Never used a tubed pre-amp.

The warranty is transferable. It is also very easy to sell the Bryston amps if they do not meet your requirements. I sold my ST amps on Audigon.
Thanks yyz,

Warranty is certainly a nice bonus if you buy used.

Seems like the SST is certainly one option.

i used to own NHT gear (2.9's, 1.5's, super one's, super zeros) for my ausio room and still use an ac-2 and pair of sub two's in my home theater room. i used to get fatigue with the 2.9's after a short period of time. i tried many different amps with the 2.9s (even bi-amping them with their own sa-3 amp) and the best amps that helped in the fatigue were: mcintosh, classe, and odyssey. i used a mcintosh 6500 integrated for months but was not powerful enough. if the mcintosh 6900 would have come out at that time, i would have bought this, it would have driven them without issues. i sold all my nht speakers in my audio rooms and went with totem. no fatigue at all, just smooth sound.
good luck
I have used a Bryston 4bst and a classe ca200 with 2.9's. The Classe was a better match. The Bryston was too bright with these speakers for my taste. You would be better of with at least a ca300 with these speakers if you have a large room, The ca200 would go into protection if I really cranked up the volume. The Classe was also more powerful than the Bryston.
Thanks guys.

I don't have any problems with the 2.9's (B&K amp) as far as fatigue is concerned. Love them, they will make good surround speakers for hirez music.

The first one on my list was/is actually the Classe, since it is known for a "warmer" sound. All a matter of taste I guess, since there are also people who like the Bryston/NHT combination.

The CA 300 is certainly on my list.
I used the BAT vk300x se for a month with the 2.9's and the sound and control were very pleasing and although nothing is ever the BEST, the combo with vinyl(Shure) and cd(Genki) was of that "first rate" experience we all dream of and if we stay with the hobby sometimes witness. IC's= Red Dawn; MAINS= Blue Heaven or AQ Granite. The BAT was a demo and I felt the right 6h30 was not so super at least compared to the left so I returned(cried) it. Also used MF 3.2 and Arcam FMJ ints. and they were nice but not up to the challenge. Vintage Kenwood KA7100 (DC,twin power supplies pure class A integrated 55w/ch measured @ 85 by J Hirsch) blew those two outta here but not as powerful as the BAT indicates that strong class A's would be good also. Next trip to Vestal ny I'll take a pair of 2.5's to Audio Classics to try the MAC 6900 which gets great recommendations by NHT 2.9 owners on the forums. McIntosh has a tube version of 6900 (100w/ch) new this year which also holds great promise.Anything electrically said about 2.9 is exactly true for 3.3 as they use the exact same drivers (only the cone size 10" vs 12" is different, same motor) 3.3's need to come away from the walls more,NHT web has Kantors' placement recommendations. 2.5i is harder to drive so anything good for them is better for 2.9/3.3's. Classe are good, but my experience is limited with 3.3.
I would recommend the Classe for the NHTs. IMO, the Brystons/NHT combo are just too fatiguing with music. I use to have a 9b driving my VT3s but I was always tweaking it. My current Sim Titan worked a little better but I finally sold mt NHTs.
I have found that the rotel rb 1090 works well with mine. Plenty of power and slam, but stil on the warm side to tame them.