bryston 14bst vs mark levinson 336

Has anyone compared these two amps to each other. I was wondering about the differences. I would be using one of the with b&w N802's. Any help would be great. thanks
I have a friend with a Bryston 9BST 5 channel amp (for video), and a Mark Levinson 333 in his separate 2 channel system. Everyone agrees the 333 is less in your face than the 9BST. I would say you could use the Bryston 14bST if you can find cables that will compliment the system. The 336 will probably be less forward & more laid back..

thanks for the response. I will further state that I am looking for a very warm and liquid midrange and clarity.
With a broad soundstage. I think either of these two will have what I want in the bass region. I do not want the treble to be bright but thats the only concerns I have.
Bryston has excellent bass control but it isn't warm. I wouldn't call it bright either but it is very accurate and it will not roll off the highs at all.

Sounds like you would like Simaudio W-5 or W-10.
As an owner of a Bryston 4B-ST I can say that I have heard that some owners or those that have auditioned this amp have drawn attention to its "aggrssiveness" or "forwardness". I however don't feel that way. If you have the inclination to believe these perceptions I can say that the 14B-ST and 6B-ST have new output designs/devices that apparently address these issues. Can't say personally as I have not heard either. I will say that after hearing the Sim W-5 I noted that it has a "darker" presentation than my 4B-ST but in my books it wasn't twice the amp for twice the price (retail vs retail). You could contact Bryston directly to have them explain what has been changed in the new amps before you make a decision. As always, if you can, try before you buy...
What do you have available at local dealers - for audition?
I'm partial to Rowland & Pass, I own both. The sound you desire might also come from YBA. I should also own up to my next video amp purchase, it WILL be a Bryston 9BTHX, it's a detail champ in my book. For music I prefer the sound you describe.

thanks for all the response. heres the truth my frugal side say bryston my lustful levinson and I have yet to hear a pass labs or rowland I would like to check them out the problem is finding dealers with these items on the floor.
I've owned the Bryston 7B monos and personally did not find them bright sounding driving Thiels. When the upgrade bug hit I auditioned the ML336 in my system at length. The ML336 is more refined and detailed sounding across the range, the soundstage is much larger and better defined, and the bass is deeper and more controlled. On the flip side the ML336 is darker sounding, the mids are more recessed, and overall it is a more reserved sounding amp. On large scale symphony the ML336 sounded great, on rock I found the bass to be strong and controlled, but a bit sluggish. If at all possible you should audition the two amps in your system. I ended up with a large Classe amp which gave me the additional refinement I was looking for, and imo has a more lively and open character then the ML336.
I haven’t heard the 336 but recently had a chance to compare the 7B mono blocks to the new 14B-ST. The monos where fully worked in whereas the 14B was only a month or so old. Without a doubt the 14B had a less aggressive sound than the 7B monos. That slight edge on the midrange was gone and the top end sounded more natural. The music in general sounded more neutral and not as forward. I was impressed to say the least. Bryston may or may not be to the scale of a Levinson, but it just took a step closer with the 14B-ST especially considering the price