Bricasti M3 In the house

Just got a Bricasti M3 with the Ethernet renderer module. Looking forward to breaking this piece in. First impressions are: it’s a winner. I am curious what ways folks who have this DAC (or other Bricasti models) run it; over ethernet or USB? I will report my findings as the days tick by; Right now it’s cooking on ethernet out of my InnuOs Zenith MKIII into an ether-regen into the M3;
I had someone install the MDx board in my Bricasti M21 DAC and it is working perfectly.  It was an easy install and took about 30 minutes.  After the install, we tested the M21 DAC using his equipment (Bricasti M28 power amplifiers).  My M21 worked great.  

It is now playing in my system.  I need to give it time to break-in but it does sound clearer, smoother with more musical details.  
Probably a stupid question, how do you switch between minimum phase filter and linear phase?

Is one a default?
@rja minimum phase is default; I used the remote and selected status and scrolled through menu on the display until it read minimum then used the up arrow to select linear. I have not tried to change filter with out remote.
It’s Deepak 😂😂😂 (Sorry Dave I couldn’t help it)