Break-in proceedure Scd777ES???

I just cast my vote for the
SACD format and purchased the
SCD 777ES. Can anyone tell me
the proper proceedure for
burn-in? I Know about the
required 400 hour burn-in
period,but I am not sure how to
achieve this.Do I just need to
turn on the CD in play mode or
does one or all of the rest of
the compnents, icluding the
speakers need to be on? 800
hours total is a long time, so
I would like to get it right
the first time!
Playing a CD helps in my experience, but be careful about puting a CD on repeat for 400 hours. If the any of the laser lenses are plastic, you could melt (soften) them from heat build up and if they change shape your dead.
Radio Shack, two cheap RCA plugs and two 10K ohm resistors so the unit is playing into a load. Place it in the closet and forget about it. Then enjoy.
I bought this unit and still am confused as to the break in. The cd and sacd both use the analog outs so why do you need to break in both?
The two lasers themselves need burn-in, at least that's the common understanding.