Break in on the Aesthetics Calypso preamplifier,

the Calypso is a no brainer I listened to several big name preamps for over 10 days ,over 80% of the people that came over said this preamplifier was the most natural they have ever heard.
The sheer natural way the Calypso handles the textures of musical instruments is beyong reproach ,
and the bass weight and dynamics were incredible ,even against 10k preamps this one stand tall.
With vintage tube add 10%-Giant killer,and please read the reviews they are dead accurate, and the jan2006 TAS magazine ,has a glorous accolade on the Calypso ,
even against the Flagship Goldman, as far as balanced you cannot do any better,this is a True dual mono design ,and fully balanced, 3 transformers to totally isolate the circuits, an allstarlist of parts quality,microprocessor controlled , and No global feedback ,which means one less stage from the valves to the amplifier , that is why the music is just more natural, ONE BIG THING I would like to mention, many people never hear this preamplifiers potential,for you need over 400 hours to fully break in this unit nothing less, because of the super high grade
Rel Caps , and Nichecon Caps, they are dreadfull on breakin, give it time you will be well rewarded, that is why the many people on these forums that did not wait never heard the real deal, also the tube issue is a thing of the past! Yes I now own one.p.s just ask Jade on the forum, and with stock tubes the pre is still excellent,on
vintage there are 2 schools of thought ,I am using both the 50 longplate square getter Mullards which are as good or better than the 10-M, 12ax7, Siemens or telefunkin6922,
for a more detailed perspective, not as much richness is this configuration of The Superb Military grade e83ccs
Siemens ,or telefunkin, and the Amperex PQ white label on the 6922 end,with herbs tube dampers,PLease send your
observations please, thanks Paul J Letteri.
I could not agree more with Paul's post...Not only does it have a lengthy break in time...but, in the early stages, rather than a linear improvement...mine got better...then worse...then... (Several cycles). Even having read still wigged me out a little bit...Paul had to talk me down ; ) I am now EXTREMELY pleased with the Calypso...

Paul, Thank you again for you excellent advice and assistance...