Brand preferences and music styles

Happy spring everyone !

 I’m new to the audiophile world but have been a player and collector of guitars and amps for 
most of my life so I have what I believe a decent ear for tone. 
My apologies if this topic has been discussed at length already. I’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts and experiences with music styles and component brands. 


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If that’s the way you want to go, fine. A lot of people only listen a certain way to a certain narrow range of music. Or they find a brand or line of components that has a sound they like. I’ve been that way myself with Synergistic Research for a very long time now. Although in my case it is a little different than your question. My preference for Synergistic, and everything else for that matter, is in the ability to sound great with all kinds of music. That to me is a prime goal of any quality system.

But again, if you want a certain sound then fine, go for it. You won’t have much luck with the question you are asking however. Because even if a bunch of guys say OMG yes you simply must hear Harbeth with string quintet! So then some others are like No way Harbeth is too polite to get the bite of the string you should hear string quartet with Martin Logan! Then another, RU kidding ML cannot capture the full dynamic expression of even a single violin you must use horns!  

(They are all wrong of course, you haven't heard strings until you've heard them on Tekton Moabs.). 

Anyway, yes, all these questions have been discussed at length already. So what? This one you should be okay. Fuses, directionality, watch out you will be burned at the stake. This one, everyone loves to talk their own book, probably go on forever.