POLL: Favorite styles of music, ok stuff, dislike?

Many types of music are readily available.
Each of use has favorites: Classical, Rock, Jazz...
And perhaps some we really only listen to if politeness demands... and a few one would need earplugs to stay in the same room!
POLL QUESTION: What are your favorite types of music?
Second? third? etc. What forms are tolerable but you would not buy? and what types do you head for the door?
For me: first desert island music is Classical... Always loved classical music since teen. Preferences within Classical music: Mozarts Operas, Beethovens chamber music, Bartok/Stravinski, Debussy...
Second has been Rock, In Rock I like middle of the road stuff, Beatles, girl groups, Dylan (no heavy metal)
but I would say recently I have been learning about Jazz, and Jazz, from 1930 through 1969, is now my most played form of music. I am still learning about Jazz so picking favorites is hard. Some single items that stand out: Benny Goodman's 1939 Carnagie Hall concert. Miles Davis Kind of Blue, and Sketches ...
Stuff I am so so on is country,reggae,world,folk.
I am not willing to bear Thrash rock, most rape (though J.J.Kool is sort of listenable... Easy listening (Lawence Welk)
So this is the idea: list the stuff you like....
Classical music is my favorite. And within classical, my tastes are very eclectic, with perhaps a higher emphasis on "early" music through the Baroque, followed by 20th Century music. I prefer Haydn to Mozart, and am in the camp who contend that "if Beethoven was a genius, then Wagner was a god". Malcolm Arnold's music is a continuing delight (particularly his chamber music); I'm extremely fond of Lars-Erik Larsson's concertinos; Bartok never ceases to fascinate; Martinu and Kodaly are continuing sources of discovery; and EJ Moeran is a delicacy to linger over and savor -- just to offer some examples. But, then, give me anything recorded by Gregorio Paniagua and the Atrium Musicum de Madrid and I'm in a perfect place (just listen to Villancicos on Harmonia Mundi HM 1025 or Musique Arabo-Andalouse on HM 389 or La Spagna on BIS LP163/4).

Second is Celtic music of the Scottish persuasion (Ossian, Silly Wizard, Tannahill Weavers, Battlefield Band, Allison Kinnaird, etc.), along with a good dose of both British and American folk music (The House Band, Martin Simpson, John Renbourn, early Joni Mitchell), and acoustic Blues.

The next category for me gets fuzzy, with a mix of Rock music from the 60s and 70s (Pink Floyd, Queen, Elton John, Beatles, The Who, Greatful Dead) and the "popular music" of my generation that I don't know how to classify (Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Linda Rondstadt, later Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot...).

"Straight ahead" Jazz is a genre I am just beginning to explore and beginning to understand and enjoy.

hmm... Nick Cave? dunno what that would be considered.

I love rock, but it always sounds shabby on a real nice system,.Well, hard rock does.

RAP and HIPHOP sound fantastic on a good system.

Tell ya one thing, those rap artists spend big bucks to get thier recordings sounding crisp. I know i know, alot of compression, alot of samples and loops, but all in all you can crank it and it wont sound distorted.

R&B is fantastic as well. I dont know if anyone here likes Alicia Keys, but man that girl has a set of pipes on her! she also very adept at tickling the ivory on a nice steinway piano.

I dont like jazz, at least not the free-form stuff where several musicians play whatever the hell they want while others do the same.

all in all, nothing beats BB king. I love anything by BBking. Eric clapton aint half bad either.

Sometimes though, none of that will cut it. Sometimes what i need is a good heavy dose of Skinny Puppy or Project Pitchfork.

All music has its up's and downs. I used to hate anything that wasnt "Industrial". Eventually though i found the way to find and appreciates the musical merits of all. Be it Frank Sinatra, or Wu Tang Clan.
Classical first, 18th century

Next Well Recorded Singers with small backup of any genre

Jazz other than fusion, particulary with Afro Cuban or Celtic rhythm.

What drives me away, synthetic drums, overmixed non acoustic bass, operas with two principal sopranos.
I realized I love everything combined together onto one and the main and probably unique contender of such style is
My favorite type of music is rock music from the late 1950's through the 1970's. We are talking the Beatles; Byrds; Dylan; Stones; Sam Cooke; Mamas & the Papas; Gary Puckett; Doo Wop; etc. Lillian Roxon's "Rock Encyclopedia," which was published in 1968 (I still have my copy), could be renamed "Rich's Favorite Music."

My second favorite type of music is Americana (country; folk; bluegrass) . Pick up a copy of the "No Depression" magazine to see what I mean. At any point , I will own from 40% to 60% of their "Top Whatever" lists.

My third favorite type of music is a toss up between jazz and classical/opera. I buy a lot of these two types of music and I am still learning about them ... but, I still can not distinguish between two conductors' versions of the same piece.

I find most world music tolerable, but I do not buy it consistently. I own some Cuban (Afro-Cubano All Stars); some latino (Ruben Blades); some African ... but that's about it.

I head for the door whenever I see the warning label "explicit lyrics" on the CD cover. It is not the use of language that offends me. What the warning sticker has come to represent to me though ... is music that is a mish mosh of thug braggadocio set to a boring and repetitive "thump thump" beat. The music is not melodic ... the words are not poetic. Kid Rock may try to "humor it up" on occasion ... but it still does not work for me on any level.

Elizabeth: thanks for a great post. This New Year finds me, just like last year, recuperating from spinal fusion and listening to a lot of music. My New Year's resolution for 2004 is to focus only the music and not the equipment (granted though, I am a mid fi aficionado ... when I do damage it is in $500 chunks). Posts like yours help me to keep my New Year resolutions.

Regards, Rich
Favorite: all periods of jazz, far too much to list or discuss. Orchestral/Symphonic music of the classical,romantic and some modern classical music.
Next is some progressive rock, some rock and pop. I love Latin Jazz, bluegrass, "Good" reggae,soca,chutney soca (indian wife from Trinidad, mon)
I head for the door when I hear MTV/BET rap,modern r&b, modern "bad" reggae, angry trashy hard rock of the last decade or so
I'm into BEAUTY, aesthetics, composition, you know, the rules of design. NOT UGLY TRASHY GARBAGE
Just out of school, my tastes ran to splashy,brassy stuff like Richard Strauss,Stravinsky,Ravel,and jazz with electonic instruments.

My tastes have evolved to classic and barouqe era classical and hard bop and swing Jazz. What's the common thread? Polyphony. I'm increasing attracted to the interplay of two or more horizontal lines played at the same time.
Many years ago took a class on Far East culture and the Prof. asked me to learn to play a few songs on the piano. At first the song/s were so strange/usual. After learning to play them, I felt the music that I was playing before the class was so plain and boring! Strange how we get accustomed to things...I'll listen to just about anything but I'm not too keen on a few types. A healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to everyone. Bill
Nice Poll Elizabeth. I've read your stuff on this and other forums for a while now. The insights your tastes reveal are in your post too. Here's where I fall on the music listening scale these days:

MOST LISTENING -- Female vocalists -- some Jazz some heavier variant jazz and pop presenations (Sehmeika Copeland, Mary Stallings, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Holly Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Susan Werner etc.)

SOMTIME LISTENING -- Classic Rock though not Heavy Metal. Queen is about as lound and heavy as it drifts. Lots of old (antique) stuff -- CSN&Y, Beatles, Allman Brothers, occasional bouts with Soutside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Joplin, a new Byrds SACD that I just got, some VERY old Jeffereson Airplane on the odd occasion.

CAN'T DEAL WITH MUSIC -- Let me count the volumes -- never got to deep Indie music but I won't run out of the room, Headbanger stuff will make me run though, Bad country music (there's some good stuff out there and I neglected to put Cowboy Junkies on a preferred list too) and heavily classical won't keep me in my chair either. Baroque (Bach particularly will rivet me on the odd occasion but not with frequency).

Lately I've been listening to the same few songs off the same couple of albums while I auditon cables and equipement in a re-build of my system. Can't wait til its over and I can listen to some other stuff I haven't heard in a while.

For pragmatist: you might try an opera that I find the group singing together to be fabulous:
In Rossini's "Barber of Seville".. a group aria is exquisite: the scene when the troops come to arrest the Don, but can't... The vocal interplay is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! You'll love it.
You're right and I do.
My crap list is only for individual performers:
1. Eagles
2. Green Day
3. Celine Dion.

Rarely listening to classics, but enjoy.

Sometimes listening to light rock of end-70's mid-80's:
Chris Rea, Chris Debourgh, Prokol Harum, Gary Brooker, 10cc...;
International music such as tangos, french chanson.

Heavy listening is dedicated to progressive rock, avant-jazz, ECM, avant-funk, neo-classical, soffisticated electronic music, innovative and abstract.
Marakanetz -- interesting take. I never classed Procul Harum on the LIGHT side -- probably due to having lost some hearing during one of their concerts in the Stone Age. Nice mix of music though. I also buy the Celine Dion thing too. But hey -- if it's your music why is she in your house?

WIFE, he..he...!

Got it. That's how I got saddled with the requirement for multiple disc players. Now at a Sony SCD C555ES that has been modded. The mods make it worth it though. It's a transport for redbook and, well, thank god I got the mods for the SACDs I have. One of which is Carol King's Tapestry. Guess why.

Elizabeth:Are talking about music as enlightenment or music as entertainment. If it is for enlightenmnet then Schnittke, Schubert, and Beethoven. If it is for entertainment then Yardbirds, Nirvana, and the Rolling Stones. The only problem with classical music is that it takes so much energy to absorb its content and reflect upon what the composer is trying to communicate. It takes a goodly amount of time to reflect on something like a symphony by Schnittke or a string quartet by Schubert, even though I might have heard it a 100 times. That is what is so amazing about classical music, each time it is played, it comes back to you anew, something fresh and vibrant.
I'm a product of the "sixties" which i define as the early 60's to mid-seventies. That's my favorite music, I guess, classic rock. Course, for me and the hellions I ran with, we also listened to a lot of country/bluegrass in those days. Mind altering substances involving sunny summer days listening to the likes of Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Asleep at the wheel, Commander Cody, Waylon and Willie, and Ozark Mountain Daredevils to name a few.
I can handle some classical; Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi - "Four Seasons", and will use some of the recommendations posted previously to increase my classical collection. Same with Jazz.
I go running from the room when I'm subjected to rap, electronica, or DJ crappola equivalents. To me, this is machine made gruel. I know, I sound like my parents, but IMO that stuff isn't music. Music is made by humans playing real musical instruments that take talent and skill to master, accompanied by human singing.
Really, nobody can tell me that anyone will remember virtually any artist of the rap/electronica crowd for long. The obnoxious judge from "American Idol" described one of them, Eminem, best. He claimed Eminem was a musical genius because he figured out a lot of young white boys wanted to be black. I'm going to rush right out and buy his latest.
Wildoats: you said it! REAl music is something to admire.
Favorites: Lots of different kinds of classical music.
As far as R&R, the Beatles are my favorite band, but I like a lot of classic rock. Basically, the music that was popular when I was in high school (with the exception of disco).

HATE: All those power balladeers (Celine/Shania/Whitney/insert your shrieker of choice); same with male crooners; little boy bands like N'Stink (and all solo efforts by these guys); country; rap; some of the really awful music from the 80's.

Do you really hate all country? Is it the fake pretty boys or girls with the cowboy hats and boots you hate? How about Waylon Jennings "Dreamin my Dreams" for one, The Flatlanders "Now Again", Doc Watson "Memories", or Steve Earle "Guitar Town"?

I'm just wondering if you've listened to any of these country or bluegrass guys. Your certainly entitled to your opinion, but to me there is a world of difference between REAL country and the fake manufactured pretty faces that Nashville has been producing lately. There's a lot more if your willing to look. Most you'll never hear on the (mostly awful) radio stations. Totally agree on (c)rap.