Brainstorm Thursday. Are we approaching the Audiophile Singularity?

With how advanced computers, materials and manufacturing processes are becoming are we heading toward a time when everything will sound great but kind of the same? In pursuit of chasing measurements on paper and computer screens are we forcing sound into anemic territories? Or is flat is flat is flat is flat? 
Nothing to get serious about this is more for s's and giggles. Feel free to add any other brainstorming audio thoughts that could be fun to discuss! 

Years and years ago the default for most listeners was a poor quality and distorted sound, and the exception was revealing accuracy and low distortion.  The hobby was to push out of distortion and get as close as possible to accuracy. 
It seems what is happening now is a switch of the defaults. 
It is easy and cheap to get very very accurate, high quality, low distortion, revealing sound.  So of course the hobby has pivoted - it now chases its preferred distortion. The big money is spent on kit which deliberately distorts but in a way that some really like. 
The one area yet to pivot is speakers. This always was by far the most critical, and most inherently flawed, link in the chain. Differences between speakers still massively dwarf any choices made anywhere else in the chain. Nobody yet, I think, is deliberately selecting speakers to build distortions in like the way they select (for example) a tube amp, are they?
How about college football players that crush it in the combine,and flat out suck in the NFL? They sure "measured" well,but seem to be missing some intangible.  I think measurements can probably get you pointed in the right direction,but I think intangibles exist everywhere. Just my 1 1/2 cents. 
"are we heading toward a time when everything will sound great but kind of the same?"

Maggies and e.g. JBL speakers are both popular so little danger of that.
Wow I wish I knew what  your talking about.
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