bought a linn axis with basic arm...good cart.

looking to listen to albums big investment...bought a linn axis and basic arm...what is a good cart.....using cary pre and tubed...with vandy 2ce sig. and vandy sub...thanks...
Go for the Linn family, that will work perfectly with the Basic arm. A K5 or, if you can stretch to it, K9 will sound pretty good IMHO. Enjoy!
Stay with high compliance carts such as Ortofon. Love Grados, but they won't work well in this application.
I agree with k-9 and Ortophon. Also, the Clearaudio Aurum Beta s.
The problem with the K series is that it's no longer supported. It was made by Audio-Technica, it was supposedly based on the AT 95e which is available from LP Gear (

Currently, Linn is pushing the Linn Adikt, which is said to be essentially a Goldring 10 series cartridge. Thus, you could consider either the Adikt, or a Goldring. I'd lean to the Goldring--there are more stylus choices, plus (I think) lower prices. But, the Adikt is easier to mount.

A Grado might work. There is the possibility of hum, but some have used this combination.

I've also heard of people using Shure cartridges. In fact, there was an Axis on Audiogon a while back that had the M97.
I too have a Axis with a Basic Plus arm......I would go the an Ortofon OM20........Looks a bit weird for a Cartridge, but it has strong imagery and solid bass. Also when you get bored, just buy an OM30 or OM40 stylus to upgrade.......You will never have to remove the Cartridge or replace it with another brand......Just change the stylus and you pay for more class , smoothness and clearer sound stage.