Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage

Recently I am on a quest to find a pair of bookshelf speakers under $2k that will render 3D soundstage.  The soundstage does not need to be much wider than the speakers that are approximately 7-8 ft apart but, within the soundstage, I am particularly looking for the decent depth, focus image and pinpoint instrument/vocal separation.  The other sound trait I am particularly looking for is the nimble, agile bass that could go down to around 45 Hz -3dB.  The pairing amplification is going to be Parasound A23.  If you have experienced / auditioned that, please let me know.


I have to second the QAcoustics 3030i. The sound stage on these are 5 feet past the speakers left and right. The depth is ok but the width is exceptional with my Rega Elicit-R and Denafrips Ares II . I also have Revel 105M speakers and although the sound detail and clarity is slightly better, the Revels do not match the QAcoustics soundstage at 4 times the cost. The bass response is quite good on both. 


@scotman - Thank you for the recommendaton / offer. No decent recording I could find online for Momentum SX3i. Pursuit Perfect System (see below) reviews its little brother Motiv XS3 and find not really favorable when compared it with several peers. I kinda trust Terry. Hope no hard feeling.


OP said under $2K,... not sure the Focals can be had for that but if so, hard yes! The best I've found are ProAc, Tablette. There are many incarnations under $2K maybe even a gently used set of Tablette 10. The search stops here, literally throw a spooky-real 3D soundstage. Just my opinion.

+1 Goldenear BRX.

The first time I've ever heard 3D sound was from a Goldenear Triton speakers.  Reviews also reflect 3D imaging as one of Goldenear's strong suits, and the many very positive BRX reviews also confirm "great 3D imaging".  Also, they have better low bass than most other bookshelf speakers.  Check out the many positive online reviews.