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Amplifier pairing for Altec Flamencos
Altec reminds me of Stereophile Art Dudley and his Shindo gear.  I was tempted to purchase Art’s haut brion which is on sale for 10k, but I wasn’t planning on a Shindo system as I’m leaning more towards the Audio Note Meishu Tonmeister.  
Incredible Audioquest Firebird Source Power Cables & Thunderbird Interconnects!!!
I think I'm finally done with my cable upgrades dunno, that curiosity bug can be annoying  
Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
If pleasing sonics = “known” measurements, things would be a lot simpler and my bank account would be fuller  
40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem
+1 @dogearedaudio - Berning 211 / 845 Monoblock Amplifiers  
If you have a nice system why do you really need room treatments?
@emergingsoul  We are simply after better sonics vs just the gear.  It's always been this way.    
Krell 350 MCX Coupling Cap Jumpers
This is the first time I heard of restrictions using a SS amp with a tube preamp, is this specific to Krell?  
Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
Data makes for a great starting point but it’s one’s ears which subjectively connects to the heart/preference that is unique for each individual.  Seems foolish to think measurements are all that matters, then again there seems there are those ... 
300B SET Amp driving Wilson Sabrinas
Normally I’d guess not enough power, glad it worked out.  
The Absolute Sound posts a video about a new product development from Magnepan, but...
I was eyeballing the new Magnepan 2.7i with the 4K parts upgrade.    Didn’t occur to consider xover mods   
What happens if I need help with an audio component?
I am asking that product reviewers take some time to investigate and report on how someone gets answers to these questions If you were a "product reviewer" what would motivate you to do so?  Looks like extra work without any compensating benefi... 
Anyone bought a Gryphon Diablo 333?
@nyev  I’ve only heard of Mola Mola TAMBAQUI DAC until your post about the Makua preamp, so I researched both the Makua preamp and the KALUGA MONO POWER AMPLIFIER.  The Makua reviews were impressive and their optional DAC and phono are surprising... 
Magico Owners - what are you using for amplification?
Not sure if helpful, but I was planning to use my Constellation Inspiration Pre+Stereo to run my new speakers.  At AXPONA 2022, I auditioned Magico A5 and Rockport Atria, but ended up purchasing the demo Vimberg Mino D which sounded fabulous. Alo... 
No love for Legacy Audio
I got into high-end audio 8yrs ago.  Legacy speaker reviews and maybe hearing them at audio shows never resounded with me, unlike Magico and YG.  So it could simply be a preference difference or that Legacy doesn’t compete well with newer products... 
RSX technologies Benchmark AC cable
@triskadecaphobic  We know that Roger Skoff comes from an excellent XLO cabling design background. From RSX’s very slow product releases, few but great reviews, pricing much lower than medium-top XLO offerings, I highly suspect that this time aro... 
Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
Volti Razz or stretch to a Volti Lucera - highly efficient, clear, clean, quick effortless sound.