Bohlender Graebener???

Is anybody out there familiar with this brand of loudspeaker, specifically the model 520DX? They look very interesting and I'm a big fan of the planar or electrostatic sound. I'd appreciate any information that you could provide. Thanks, Mike
I have a pair of the 520DX with the 220 center channel and X3 for surround. The 520's have a wide, diffuse sound that takes a while to get used to. Better for music than HT unless you have the 220 speaker for HT. They also need to "break in" . My speakers sounded much better after about 200 hours. You need a big amp because they need to be pushed. I am biamping mine with an EAD PM-1000 with straightwire cables. You also need a good subwoofer because they only go down to 80 hz. I'm pleased with mine. They are not as dynamic as other speakers I have but the sound on live music is great!
Contact Tom Bohlender at Wisdom Audio.
The ribbon based systems he's selling now are very dynamic.