Bohlender Graebener -Worth Buying?

Any good? Music? HT? Awaiting set ordered at <25% msrp off Ubid and was thinking of ordering the center and 2 more for surround. Any help appreciated.
I also ordered a set and waiting on them. I found the web site, it's the I'll post once I receive.
stu, relax - it's possible no one here has had experience w/these. personally, if i were ewe, i'd check out newform research's r645 or nhb645. go to their ww, & check out user reviews on audioreview. that's what i'm saving for right now...

regards, doug s.

Stu - I was hoping you'd get some hands-on testimonials as well - I've seen those speakers on uBid and been curious myself. You can check out for some users reports.
I went nuts and got five, two 520's, two 420's and a 220 center. After some breakin, they are quite nice. Extremely clear. No bass, but that's by design. Construction is first rate. The dome tweeter on the 220 is fabric, not aluminum as posted elsewhere. I like the setup better than the Martin Logan crew. Huge dynamic capabilities. Maybe some residual tonal anomalies near the 500 Hz crossover, but more a matter of voicing in my opinion. They sound very bright and yet hollow fresh out of the box, but a couple weeks at normal volume smooths them right out. A friend of mine has an older pair of Maggie III's, and in comparison the BG's have a MUCH better midrange, but don't have the extensions on the top or bottom. Personally, I find the slightly rolled top end sounds more natural, especially with everything close miked these days. A lot of recordings that were somewhat shrill on my old speakers (Dynaudios) are much better now. I like 'em.
I love them!!! Unbelievable transparency. While thet won't play as loud as my Kef 3.2's (or as low) they are just as clear and dynamic. When paired with a good sub(bagend for me) they are fantastic. I did great! I think this is basically same speaker as Tom Bohlender is now making for Wilson and has MSRP of 75,000.00 that's right 75k! I did a wonderful thing! If anyone has the 520's or center channel they want to sell email me asap.