Bohlender-Graebener BG Radia 520 loudspeaker

Hello, I just bought a pair of these towers, they were from a local former BG dealer nearby. These were used only as display. I have the opportunity to also purchase the a BG 220 center and another pair of 520 towers if I want to go with a 5.1 set up. I currently have a 5.1 set up with smaller B&W CM5’s powered by an Onko TX-NR727 which is actually fine for movies. I’m looking to use these BG Radia’s as a separate system mostly for my vinyl listening pleasure. Any recommendations for the Sub , Processor and Amp ? ( Is separates the way to go? ) While vinyl is my primary source I do want streaming capabilities and a USB port for a digital library.  And should I conder the 220 center as well? Set up is in an above garage room 20x24 with high pitched ceilings. Thank you.
  Hi Pat,

  Good luck with your project. On another note, should you ever decide to replace the 520s let me know as I'll purchase them from you. Actually, I only have interest in the Planar mids.

  thanks, Ken Fritz