Bluesound Node 2

Okay, I currently am using a micro PC that I built in order to play streaming music ( Spotify, ClassicOnline, Tidal).
I like to play it not only on that system but in my office upstairs through my desktop. Currently, I am using Airfoil and Airfoil satellite to send the signal to both systems.
I noticed other posts on the Bluesound node. Has anyone used it for this purpose? Is the Node very different from the Node 2 sound quality-wise? I would like to use it for connectivity mostly and if possible route the signal through my DAC’s for the best possible sound.
Are there other options?
The Node is the earlier version.  I doubt it sounds much different than the Node 2.  The form factor is the major change
Thanks mahler, I am mostly interested in getting music to play simultaneously in different rooms (and with high fidelity).
As I said, I am using my PC's and Airfoil, which works for some streamers but not Classicsonline. 
I thought the Bluesound would allow me to delete the PC's and use it directly into the stereos.