Bluenote Stibbert Tube CD/DVD player

Hi. I have a Bluenote Stibbert Tube CD/DVD player. I was wondering if anyone else has one of these. Is it supposed to play regular CD's or only 96/24bit DVD's? I can only get it to play a DVD that was burned at 96/24bit. Unless there's something I'm doing wrong.

Also, anyone have personal reviews/thoughts on this unit?

Average going price for it these days?

Are you saying it doesn't play redbook?
Right. Is it suppose to play a regular CD? As in 16bit 44.1kHz? Or only 96/24?
There was a guy on Audiogon selling the Bluenote Stibbert Tube CD player last month.
I put the link below.
I was reading about the Bluenote Stibbert online and The Absolute Sound gave it an amazing review.
Here's the review.

The drive used in the Bluenote Stibbert accepts DVDs and the remote also has DVD features, but there is no video output on the back, so effectively this is not a DVD player. It is designed to be used as a CD player with a high-end stereo system.

Here's the link to the guy who was selling the Bluenote Stibbert. You should email him.
This is a great CD player, and I believe it will also play DVD-Audio (if you remember that format). It uses a DVD drive. Sounds even better via its XLR outputs. Tube rolling beckons as well ...