Blown Fuse

My Jolida 302 amp's fuse stopped working so I checked the fuse and it was blown. I bought some new ones and everytime I put a new one in, it was blown up again. What should I do next ? Thanks in advance guys.
Iam sure you checked the owners manual to make sure that the fuse that keeps blowing is the same?If so call Jolida Monday morning.I feel for you,good luck
HI, If this is a tube amp, you could pull the tubes and see if it still blows the fuse. If not, get some new tubes. Power tubes tend to arc and blow fuses, but I would go ahead and get a complete set. Sometimes you can see which tube it is by a bright flash of light inside the tube just before the fuse blows.
If it is a solid state amp, or if it still blows the fuse with the tubes out, it probably has a short in the power supply or output stage, such as a rectifier or capacitor. You will need to take in for service.
Before some further damage is done, I would have a professional check it out. That will minimize damage and cost.
I agree with Lak usually a repeated blown fuse means an actual problem and should have a professional opinion. After all you do not want a serious problem with your equipment so take care of it now, IMO.