Bitstream VS PCM Linear Multichannel..

I currently have a Playstation 3 & Onkyo pre processor. My Onkyo decodes all the lossless formats including HD Master Audio & DD Plus and I want to utilize the processing and not in my blue ray player. I need a bitstream HDMI to my Onkyo to do this. The PS3 version I have now will not do this. Anyone have any suggestions as to a middle or top line Blue Ray player to match my system???

Regards Bacardi
I used to use PS3 to both play video game and Blue Ray movies. Since I got a new Onkyo that can decode HD signal, I bought an OPPO BDP-83 and have it output bitstream so that the Onkyo decodes it. It works great. For anything under $1,000, in my opinion, PS3 is superb until I tried the OPPO. The OPPO is better.
Thx. Audiolui, just the Blue Ray player I had in mind. Excellent to hear your comment. Do you run it HDMI?? I have also heard of an analogue upgrade for this player. I think it's the "Special Edition" model...Where did you buy yours and did you get a good price???

Regards Bacardi
Yes, I am running all HDMI. That is simple and should take advantage of all digital signal. Yes, OPPO now has a SE version that upgrades the analog output. Since I don't use the analog out, I am not going to upgrade.

The video quality is very good, especially at $499. Blue Ray movies (especially skin tone)look very natural. Even DVD looks good on the OPPO. I am the first batch of customers who bought the OPPO via their website when it first came out. I am not associated with OPPO, but I can tell you their customer service is great.