Big Difference Between The C200 & C46 and C2200


Mac lovers I need feedback quick. I am thinking of buying a Mac preamp, I don't use LP's anymore, I hear they SS and the Tubes units sound simular with the SS being more dynamic.

Mac told if I don't listen to LP's then the C46 line stage would be as good sounding as the C200 Soliod state unit and the C2200 would as good but a little softer, with a touch less transparent.

Feedback please on your experiences with these units. My local store does not carry them all, in fact they are poorly set up.
mac is correct.
TAS recently reviewed the C46 and C2200 (paired with respective tube/SS amps).
I compared the C200 to the C2200 and the C42, the predecessor of the C46. The C200 was the best of all, in all regards. It sounded as tube-like natural as the C2200, but had more authority, more drive, better bass than the C2200 when it came to dynamic pop-music (Eminem)and large orchestral music. The difference was noticable, but small, if you think that the C2200 costs 4500 $, and the C200 7000 $. I bought it because I had the possibility to get a model that was only used for a few months, with a large discount. Another reason to buy the C200 was the excellent, Ortofon-built MC phono section. I just got the bug for vinyl again and will buy a TT after 15 years CD only.
dear phillyb look at a posting about the C200 and C46 on 4-26-04 and you will get almost all the info you need.