Biamping question

Hi all,
I use Aq Anconda from cdpl. to the first amp (highs) and Aq Amazon from that amp to second amp (lows).

My q is do i have to use same type of ics ?

Or and what do you suggest ?

As long as you're not mixing XLR and RCA, there should be no problem.
I agree with Ngjockey... would add 2 other things:

--same length

--same direction (I would want the shielding to be grounded to the same component)
Bgrazman ,

My Aq Amazon is about 20-25cm longer should i shorten it ?

And abot same direction ? I use the leads markings "from -To"! on both is that wrong ?


Normally you would want to match cables. If you are concerned about them being the same lenght why wouldn't you be concerned about them being the same cable? It maybe slight but each type of cable has it's own sonic signature by mixing you maybe affecting sound, dynamics, range etc. The bottom line IMHO is if it sounds good don't worry about it.
Yeah youre right Walkelin.
Just wanted others opinion or rules ! about having aq amazon (silver) aq anaconda (copper) in a biamp system.

shall i have the same type of speakercables ? I have 2-way speakers.
20 to 25 cm at nearly the speed of light would not make a perceivable difference. Silver is usually preferable for the highs but it's all a matter of taste and component matching. If the system seems bright, try the copper for the highs. The same goes for speaker cables.
But, if i have silver for lows, in this case 2 way speakers.
Isnt silver good then for voices and tighter bass ?

Perhaps i should get another AQ Amazon and sell Aq Anaconda and have silver all the way w i/c´s and copper sp cables ?
Only one caution I would add to the previous excellent remarks. IMHO, I would start out with two pair of alike and neutral sounding cables (like Isreal Blume's CST IC's) so that I could discern the sound of the amp/speaker biamp combo before I started playing with attenuating frequency and time/space stuff with different cables. Create one problem for yourself at a time, sort it out and move on to the next. If you don't it could be very confusing in your evaluation. LOL!
R f sayles,
Isreal Blume's CST IC's. Have never heard of them !? Is it you who makes them ?
Found them while searching on the net.

But something in me want to smack your face, real good. LOL!
attenuating - this word is not in a english lexicon !?
Thanks all for your suggestion !
Grisslehamn, I do not make or sell these wires, I only us them in my system at home because they sound good to my ear, are very neutral, and because they happen to be much cheaper than wires I have found to not sound as good (ie. 299.00USD for the first meter with your choice of termination). Also I own the Coincident Total Eclipse speakers that are wired internally with the same so it might stand to reason that consistency would work well. (Can't wait for the audiophile fall out on that remark, sorry.) Check out these websites for another opinion on CST. By the way I use the term "attenuate" to explain what most of the wire game seems to be about and that is IMHO, fixing what doesn't sound right about ones choice of components combined by wiring that modifys the sound. Cheers!
(look under recommended components/IC's)
R f Sayles,
Thanks a lot !
Opps! Hey Grisslehamn, Let me warn you that if you do not find these cables used there is a recommended 200 hour break in! (no kidding) and mine sucked up every bit of it before sounding really good. Much equipment has a break in period but... So, just a FYI. Cheers!
I think the questions about matching were answered.

In terms of grounding, either direction is fine, I would just make sure I mounted the i/c's the same direction (if they are matched). Most i/c's are grounded on the "to" side if I am not mistaken (and if I am, I'm sure I will be jumped on)--I would just want to make sure that my pre to amp interconnect shielding was grounded on the same side (amplifier) to prevent any small residual currents (ground loops, hums, etc.). If you hear no problems, then they are probably not present--don't sweat the small stuff.
I have sold my cables now, and have two ics of the same lenght and brand and same goes for speakercables.