bi-amp or not ot bi-amp?

i have a pair of infinity renaissance 90's, and i am ready to buy some equipment. not going to say any brand names to keep that discussion out of the loop, but would like some feedback on what you all think about bi-amp compaired to a single amp? the amps i am looking at are almost exactly the same in either bi-amp or a single amp set up as far as power. also what is your input on bi-wiring? i have heard too many stories that go either way. so what have you all done with your bi-ampable speakers? thanks for any input!
Keeping the observations of a general nature, I think that biamping carries more advantage if you are using tube amplifiers, where high power is costly, and IM distortion remains an issue. I biamp using ss, but my rig would probably seem impractical to others, (and sometimes to me).
bi-amp if you can think about it, why do they make mono amps? Why do most upgrades involve adding a larger/better power supply? Most speakers / systems perform better 1 when they re not driven to max capacity and 2 when they have plenty of power to respond to peaks. Bi-amping means your amps won't be taxed and your speakers get more hopefully better power. Bi wiring I've heard arguments on both sides I think you have to decide for your self. A lot has to do with the cable and speakers. In the right combination it should make a positive difference. I prefer bi-amping to bi-wiring but if I can't bi-amp and my speakers support bi-wiring I would / have done that. Try both ways if you can the beauty of this hobby is we have so many choices so little time to try them all.
Biamping is the way to go. It will bring out the best from your speakers. There will be plenty of power for peaks and more control of your speakers also. Bi-wiring can make a differnce too but not as much as biamping!
Dear Hemidakota: I think that you could have a great music quality reproduction improvement if you do the bi-amp with the integration of two self-powered subwoofers in a true stereo fashion.

Please take a look at:

Regards and enjoy the music.