Beveridge Model 2sw Electrostatic

These are kind of rare, has anyone ever listened to this model with the built in subs? I saw these up for auction here on audiogon, I have listened to another model from Beveridge years ago and at the time was blown away. I think H. Beveridge's son is starting this company up again.
There is an audiophile here in Alaska that has a pair stashed away/not hooked up. I have been whining to him to get them setup and invite me over. I am interested in listening to them as I own Martin Logans and would like to get an idea of how these classic killers compare with Logans.
I owned a pair of Model 6 's, Serial #'s 1 & 2 . This was the original pair that were shown at the CES show in the early 80's. Without a question these were one of the best sounds I have ever owned. I lost these in a fire. I replaced them with Watt Puppies and was never happy with them as replacements for the Beveridge 6's. I sold the Watt Puppies and purchased a pair of Vandersteen model IV's, those I replaced with Duntech Sovereigns. I liked those. I lost those to a lightning strike. I am currently using Kharma 1's. The Kharma's are the closest to the sound of my Beveridge Model 6's. I can say the Beveridge Speakers are truly a classic design and sound very lifelike.

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Oddly enough, there is an extensive review of this very speaker, written by Harry Pearson 25 years ago, reprinted in the current issue of The Absolute Sound (Apr/May 2003, No.141).
I heard the 2sws when they first came at CSA Audio, when they use to operate out of an old house in North Jersey.

Even in CSA's small showroom the speakers were awesome.

If shipping to HI wasn't such a hassle, I'd love to have them. It would be an interesting project to update them
with the lastest parts and cabinet tweeks.
Yes, Harlold Beveridge's systems were and still are magical. I got to hear a pair for the first time at CES 2002. They could have used a bigger amp, but boy they sounded sweet. I spent some time talking with his son Rick about the prospect of one day becoming a dealer for them, though at the time I didn't have the cash to place an initial order. I'd love to be a dealer for both Beveridge and Sound Lab - wouldn't that put me on the map!

Here is a link to Rick's Beveridge Acoustics site:

Lots of fascinating information there - well worth reading if for no other reason than to get a glimpse into the mind of Harold Beveridge, a man who poured his heart and soul into his speakers.
I had a pair of 2SW-1's for a two week audition in my home back in December 1979. They were beautiful in Brazilian Rosewood. They sounded wonderful as long as you did not play something with a lot of dynamic range at a loud level, like at that time a Direct-to-disc record. The result was a very unpleasant distorted sound. The problem was the mylar hitting the polarizing plates due to the dynamics of the signal in conjuction with a high gain on the preamp. The spacing between the mylar and the fixed plates is critical in electrostatic loudspeaker design. I wrote Harold Beveridge a letter about my findings and his VP at the time, John Fermin, wrote me a very nice response stating my observations were correct and they were working on overcoming this. I don't know if they ever did or not. These speakers with the two subwoofers also in Rosewood were $8,000 in 1979. A bargain compared to the $44,000 price for a new pair today.
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