better tonearm?

I have a Linn LP12 and I am looking at upgrading the toneam and then the cartridge. I have been eyeing the Origin Line of arms mainly the Encounter or a used Conqueror. Has anyone done this? Can you recommend better?

Thanks, Brian
Some time ago I had the chance to listen to -2- identical LP12 side by side, one was fitted with the regular Ekos, the other one with a NAIM Aro. I think, the Aro is a better Arm.
What arm and cart are you using now? I replaced a Nagaoka MP 11 with a Linn K9, then K18 II, then I went to an Ittok II arm w/ a Dynavector 10x5 (use extreme caution with them, because the catilevers bend extremely easily. I ruined 2 and will never buy another) so my set up is now the Ittok II with a Linn Adikt. Best of luck and get a mint lp if you can.
The Ittok LVII is hard to beat on a LP12...a very under appreciated arm.