Better Maggie "feet" ?

I have a pair of Magnepan 3.5 s which I am very happy with. The only complaint I have is thier stands(legs?) do not sit well on carpets or uneven floors. Have any of you found a solution to his problem? By the way , the 3.5 s are about 6 feet tall by 2 1/2 feet wide and 2 inches thick- not the most stable dimentions.
Go to Their should be a set of stands that offer tilt and level control while only raising the maggies about 1.5 inches. The stands are for 3.6's but should bolt to 3.5's. For what it's worth
Check out, give Robert a call and see if he has an item that will work.
Check out the Maggie stands (under LINKS) at:
Thanks people. I actually did order a pair of stands from soundanchor, they couldn't have been nicer to deal with... a nice aside to a good product.
do you think the change in feet had any negative sonic effect? also, i have the 3.3's and wonder on tweeter placement-- in or out. any opinions?
I found much improved bass response and better imaging with the feet, no negatives I can find.
Tweeter out = a wider soundstage, Tweeter in = better focus with a deeper soundstage.
Banksfriend, I could not agree more.

I use four Soundanchor stands within my system and they are definitely a sonic improvement. Add to that, Bob Worzella is great to deal with and completely honest as you suggested in your post.