Best vibration isolation for speakers on carpet?

Hi All,


So I am awaiting my new Revel Performa3 208's and I'm tired of the normal spikes that come with speakers. No matter what I do I can never seem to get them all level. My carpet is medium to a bit on the thicker side. Any help on carpet spikes or any other ideas on how to isolate the speaks but also so they'll finally be balanced? Granted it's not like any of my towers have ever been in danger of tipping over, but I've never been able to get them all level. 


My dealer said at 80lbs the Revel's should be fine on carpet without spikes but I want to get this right from the get go? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated-thank you!


+1 on Townshend bars. They helped my Belle Klipsch speakers come to life. Bass tightened up, highs more precise. 

@kingbr - Whatever you try, it would be good if it’s returnable after, say, a two-week trial. It’s been my experience that things that seem a big improvement aren’t always so after one has listened for a while. It can be helpful to remove the added item after a while & see if the sound becomes worse.

The phenomenon of heightened attention when trying something new is a near universal one and perfectly natural. It can lead to questionable purchases. And don’t forget, every difference is not necessarily an improvement (or degradation). Even good speakers vary enough from one another that there are many differences whose ranking will always be a matter of taste.

Perhaps footers are in the same category as power conditioners: some report big differences, others report small ones or that they make things worse. It’s all very system-specific.

Whatever you wind up with, I hope you enjoy it and your new speakers. Another suggestion would be to listen for a few months before starting to experiment with footers. That way, you will have a better sense of the speakers’ intrinsic sound and the best alignment of them in your room. The Revels have a great reputation and should bring a lot of musical pleasure.

HI all, I've tried a variety of things and prefer the Symposium Svelte Plus shelves with spikes for small budgets and slighter speakers.  If you can afford the bigger platforms like the Ultras/Supers you'll hear the improvement.  Other listeners have said they felt these were component level upgrades without downsides.

No matter what I do I can never seem to get them all level.

I don’t know why that would be.  Use a level then it just takes some time and patience.  Without a doubt I’ll be incorporating some version of Townshend Seismic products under my speakers and components.  Rarely do I see such universal and substantial praise for what they do and especially for what is considered to be just a “tweak.”

We used to use a couple of cinder blocks covered with an attractive scarf or piece of cloth (after we got girlfriends--women!).

When we grew-up we got Magneplaners and all those issues went away.