Best used transport under $2000?

Help! I'm looking for the best used transport I can get to play CD's. I have a Theta TLC for re-clocking and a Cello/Apogee 8.1 DAC. Playback of Laser Disk is not desired (although DVD would be nice but not necessary). The balance of the system will include a Cello Etude (passive attenuator), Cello duet 350 or ML 333 (I'm leaning to the Cello), and Watt/Puppies 5.1. Since I can't A/B used equipment on my system, I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks! Ken
I would try to find Theta Jade. It would probably push close toward 2K, but i think it would be worth it, considering rest of the your eq.Good Luck!
Sonic Frontiers SFT1
Why settle for used when you can get a brand new, class A for DVD and borderline class B for CD playback, California Audio Labs CL-20 for about $1495. If you are looking for straight CD playback California Audio Labs CL-15, borderline class A, for about $1695 and it also functions as a digital processor/preamplifier to boot. I don't own one yet but its my next purchase. Good hunting.
C.E.C. TL-2 The best for the money. The only one that has been better is my Theta DaViD
If you're lucky you can get a Mark Levinson No. 37 for less than $2000. If not, spend the extra $300 for it.
There's a CEC 5100 Belt Drive transport demo USD 850 at I have one, this is really good transport. Also the better demo one at the same site CEC TL-1 or TL-2 around USD 1.500-1.600. Go with them
Hi, Though the units previously stated are good for the money, I'd recommend the Goldmund SRTT with glass fiber output. For CD only aplication, it is quite amazing. You can get a store demo for a little more than $2k. If interested, let me know and I'll give the contact info. jcb