Best used speakers under $10000

Here is the type of sound I like:

1. A tad bit warm while still having a lot of punch (nothing muddled about it)
2. Vocals (Diana Krall, John Mayer etc) have a level of cleanliness to it
3. Guitar (Gipsy kings, Jesse cook) sound airy without being lean
4. Speakers can fill a medium to large room (16’x16’x9’) even at modest volume and sitting on my sofa (9 ft away from speakers), I feel engulfed by the sound. Key is even at moderate volume.
5. It may be related to my first point above; forgiving of average source (eg high quality Spotify streaming, which isn’t that high quality after all )

Based on reading a lot of threads on Audiogon I have selected the following
1. Dynaudio Contour 60 - I haven’t listened to Contour 60 but 8 years ago had one of the best listening sessions on C1
2. Focal Sopra 2
3. Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT - though their size won’t pass WAF
4. PMC Twenty5.26
5. ATC SCM40
6. Proac Response D48R
7. Wilson Audio Sabrina
8. KEF Reference 3

From a WAF I want to keep height < 45” and width < 12”.

While outside my budget, I am wondering if I also include Joseph Audio Pearl3 (though very rarely available) and Vandersteen Carbon 5A (size is too large). 

I am currently in an assignment in Sydney and back in NY in Nov. So will be able to audition many of these then. Meanwhile I wanted to get opinions here.
Looking forward to OP's views on Magico A3 and any other speakers (Spendors D9 perhaps?) that he may have listened to?:)

It you are in NYC  you should stop into our shop, we have a few speakers that based on your listening preferences you may like.

Also the question with all of your testing and in the beginning of  your post is you  don't mention what equipment you are using and what your current speakers are which would kind of give people a  base line of  your tastes  and sonic preferences and then unless your are going to change your equipment will have a major impact on the sound of your system.

You mentioned hearing certain models but certain speakers are going to sound good or bad depending on what gear being demoed with them.

In our shop we have one of the largest collections of speakers in your price range and we have a diverse selection of gear both solid state and tube.

We have the superb Legacy Signatures which are very musical and have a warm full bodied sound with good detail but whose top end is delicate rather then showing supreme detail.  The Legacy are easy to drive and have very prodigious and warm bass. 

We have the Kef Ref 3 which are a bit more than your price range, they happen to have superb detail and throw a huge well focused sound stage, they have a very accurate mid-range and very tight bass.

We have the Paradigm Persona 3F which are very transparent, if you found them to be unclear then the equipment wasn't good, the speakers have unbelievable clarity and a big sound stage, they are not particularly warm so they need to be well matched with the right gear.

We have the PSB T3  great imaging, smooth mid-range, very tight bass. 

We just took on the Golden Ear line, the new Tritron 1R are awesome and are very inexpensive. They image very well, and are very smooth, they have very deep bass and are very narrow so visually they just disappear, they are also very easy to drive, the caveat they come only in Piano black lacquer 

We also have the fantastic Dali Rubicons which are very warm yet have good detail.

Finally the ATC SCM 40 which sound like the PMC you like.

So in one location you could hear, Legacy,
                                                       Golden Ear

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 
Dunlavy sc 5s.    There is a pair for sale now.      Or magico 3s or 5s if you can find used.    Higher end legacy speakers .    All these sound clear and can punch as you describe.