Best used speakers under $10000

Here is the type of sound I like:

1. A tad bit warm while still having a lot of punch (nothing muddled about it)
2. Vocals (Diana Krall, John Mayer etc) have a level of cleanliness to it
3. Guitar (Gipsy kings, Jesse cook) sound airy without being lean
4. Speakers can fill a medium to large room (16’x16’x9’) even at modest volume and sitting on my sofa (9 ft away from speakers), I feel engulfed by the sound. Key is even at moderate volume.
5. It may be related to my first point above; forgiving of average source (eg high quality Spotify streaming, which isn’t that high quality after all )

Based on reading a lot of threads on Audiogon I have selected the following
1. Dynaudio Contour 60 - I haven’t listened to Contour 60 but 8 years ago had one of the best listening sessions on C1
2. Focal Sopra 2
3. Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT - though their size won’t pass WAF
4. PMC Twenty5.26
5. ATC SCM40
6. Proac Response D48R
7. Wilson Audio Sabrina
8. KEF Reference 3

From a WAF I want to keep height < 45” and width < 12”.

While outside my budget, I am wondering if I also include Joseph Audio Pearl3 (though very rarely available) and Vandersteen Carbon 5A (size is too large). 

I am currently in an assignment in Sydney and back in NY in Nov. So will be able to audition many of these then. Meanwhile I wanted to get opinions here.
@ marrduk24

Haven't seen EgglestonWorks Andra mentioned here.  Not sure if there is some reason for that.  It seems they can be had well under $10k.  I read some reviews, which indicate an awesome speaker.  I'd be interested in your thoughts.
I second the poster that suggested you add the Usher BE10 DMD to the list. rear ported 11" kevlar eaton woofer BE midrange, diamond tweeter I expected bright and boomy and I couldn't have been more wrong. Because speakers tend to sound bad in my room I usually buy used so if,ahem, when they fall on their face at home I can resell them and recover most of my investment, doesn't make the speakers bad because my room sucks, but do try for a home demo b4 handing over the cash. 
The dac is newer in the H360 and it's coming down enough in price to make it worth the extra dough.
I would add Aerial Acoustics 7T to your list.

I have heard the 6T and think they hit all your criteria perfectly, so assume their bigger brother would too. I preferred them to Spendor D7, Focal Kanta No. 2, Paradigm Persona 3F, and the KEF R11 I heard. Of the foregoing list, my second favorite were the Spendors, so D9 would be good to hear too.
Your room will make a big difference in perceived bass. My room sounds lean so a rear ported speaker that I can move around for bass reinforcement offers the best balanced sound where if you have a bass heavy room a front, or bottom ported speaker, sealed like magico or get some transmission lines.