Best used analog receiver under $150?

Any suggests for a buddy of mine? He's looking for a receiver with an analog tuner for $150 or under with decent power.
My Marantz 2218 sounds excellent. I'm sure the other 22xx's sound just as nice. Ton's of other options as well.
Yamaha 620 or 820 late 70s early 80s vintage. Luxman 1050, same vintage. Luxman is a bit better in detail, vocals and less transistor grain. These pieces by the way will embarrass most of today's equipment.
I recently scored a Yamaha CR-820 on Ebay for $33. Didn't really need it. It was local, so no ship fees, and I had always wanted one of these bigger Yamahas when I was a kid. It's a little bit dingy, and I needed to clean the switches, pots and inputs with contact cleaner. But Whoa! this thing sounds good! Power in reserve, warm, punchy and clean sound -- even some modest high fi qualities (soundstage depth)! Very good FM tuner as well -- manages to catch and hold signals that for some reason give other tuners trouble where I am. Even if I didn't have fancier, better electronics, I could be a happy music nut with this receiver.
I recently bought an HK 880vxi for the spare system and an HK 3380 for my daughter...both under $150.
I had owned an 880vxi back in the 80's and was glad to see it still sounded quite good.
Any of the old twin power HK's, they have nice tuners as well. The first generation NAD's, 70XX series. I have had good luck with both of them in the past.
Three good choices would be the Marantz 2230, the HK730, and the Luxman R-113. I've been fooling around with the Lux, picked it up recently for $30. Features star grounding and a toroidal transformer, but it has digital, not analog tuning.
Leak Troughline. Classic Tuners - only analogue of course but fabulous.

On your side of the pond, also have a look at the old Fisher tuners.