best used amp for Martin Logan SL3's

I am searching for a used "affordable" amplifier to drive Martin Logan SL3's.....I would like to look into vintage Mcintosh or other solid state units. I have gleaned that McIntosh can be great or bad depending on the speaker impedance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Classe CA 200 (heatsinks on the sides), I used to run one with a Audio Research LS-3 (non-balanced version) w/SL-3's with really, really nice results. Both pieces can be had very rea$onably too, cheers..
I second Classe CA 200. If you can get the Classe 350 mono will be even better. In general, SL3 likes high current high power solid state amp. I have great success driving it with Theta Dreadnaught. McIntosh amps with output transformers are not good match, they sound soft and slow.
i used a Rowland 10 when i had sl3s - i thought it was a good match
Wkjeffers, lots of amps will be good or bad depending on impedance, and because the SL3s go down to 1 ohm, they will test a lot of amps. Having used an amp which could deal with it on my SL3s and an amp which couldn't, I highly recommend amps which can!

I did not own one but I tested one before making the decision to go with big power tubes and I can recommend the Innersound ESL amplifier. I also liked the way Counterpoint hybrid/FET designs sounded with the SL3s.
FWIW, a friend of mine is thinking of pairing a McIntosh integrated with a pair of SL3s (without listening to it beforehand - aaargh). Is there something particular to McIntosh which would make them a bad match with SL3s? My understanding is that the input impedance goes low enough, and I am surprised by the OPT comment, because I had not found OPTs to be a problem on my tube amps. Indeed, they smoked almost anything else I tried.

If others have experience trying McIntosh amps/integrateds with SL3s or similar MLs, please help Wkjeffers, the original poster, because it will help me (warn off a friend if bad) as well.
thank you very much for the info.
The Aragon 8008BB will drive anything and can be had for less than $1000 used.
Great speaker! Something with high current and stable into a low impedance will do nice. YBA amplifiers have very high current (even though "watts" rating may be considered low) and are stable driving low impedance loads. They also sound fantastic with SL3.
I am running mine with a set of PSE Studio V monoblocks and it sounds really sweet.My only complaint is that its a little bass shy and I've got a feeling that's the speakers and not the amps.The PSE's are 120 watt SS mono's.