Best used 2 channel preamp for 2500.00.

Hi to all the experts out there. I have a sims titan 5 channel amp (basically 5 channels of the w-5). I would like to mate it with a great preamp for music. The front runner right now is a Audio Research LS-25. What else should I look at? Are there older model AR's that will do just as well? I plan on getting a arcam FMJ 23 CD player. My speakers are custom made Scan speak driver. Thanks for any help you guys and girls can give me!!!!!
Used Blue Circle BC3 with Galatea power supply.
The one and only ARC SP-11 MK II preamp..................
Also take a look at an ARC LS5 MKII or MkIII, I think you'll find them more musical than the LS-25. Good Luck!
I really liked the Sonic Frontiers Line 3. Fully balanced, dual mono, remote control, low out-put impedance, by pass loop, well built and most importantly very neutral sound.
If you can get your hands on an AudioValve Eclipse, you'd be hard-pressed to do better. Also worth checking out a Rogue 99 Magnum.
Check out odyssey stratos at Read the reviews (including TAS' golden ear award) you find there and then order a monoblock pair for $2k.

You should notice the power rating, the speed, etc.. Not to mention the 30 day money back guarantee and the 20 year mfg. warranty. Oh, and if you don't like the standard faceplate, you can have them customize it to your liking.

I've never listened to these but I know those that own them. I've never heard or read one negative comment about these amps.

-IMO (were you expecting another's?)
Conrad Johnson Premier 14. A great preamp and a great buy, currently (used) well below $2500. I've had mine since l996. It does everything (except phono), has multiple inputs and 2 sents of outputs, and is remote-controlled.
Find a Kora Eclipse. One with the upgraded power supply umbilical cord. VERY good with phono stage and remote. Also has balanced and single ended outs. Outboard power supply.
Thanks for the responses!!!! I do not neeed phono stage. I also would like remote and balanced outs. If I could get one with a home theater bypass I would be in heaven!!!
It also has a line stage. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about that. Also has a processor loop. 3 tube configuration. Phono stage is jus kind of a bonus for resale.
Pass Labs X series. Hands down.
Highly recommend a tube pre with solid state amplifiers.
Try a Copland CTA301 Mkl or Mk2. Will match up against any of the recommended preamps and yet cost a 1/3 of their price. Have yet to hear a better preamp. (and yes I have listened to it and yes it is a preamp. I only say that as you earlier got a suggestion for an amp that was never heard before yet it is recommended. Plus you asked for a pre not an amp)
Seriously, the Copland preamp makes a lot of expensive preamps sound cheap.
Another conrad johnson the PF-R its a great pre amp. The premier 14 is also a good one. Ive seen PF-R on here as cheap as $1100. I dont think you will get a better pre amp unless you want to spend some outrageous money!
Ayre K-3x, or like JC Audio indicated to use a tube if you want to get into tubes. Read the reviews on it. Rated very high. I am a consumer and not a seller of equipment and I am going to buy one soon to mate with my Ayre V-3 amp.