Best USB Asynchronous DAC 24/192 under $600? Help

Hello Audiogoners,
I am looking for a solid state DAC. What’s the best I can possibly get for U$S 500-600?
Requirements for the DAC:
- Asynchronous USB
- Support up to 24bit/192 khz via USB
I really don’t need extra features. All I care is good sound.
I did a little bit of research and these units made my list based on reviews, price, and capabilities:
1. Ami Musik DDH-1
2. Ami Musik DS5
3. Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus
4. Schiit Bitfrost
5. Asus Xonar Essence One
Which one would you buy? Am I missing units within this price range that are worth considering? I would really appreciate your expertise/suggestions!
Thank you all in advance
Resonessence Labs Concero ($600) would be my choice.
Halide DAC HD includes attached cables and offers no features
I'm very happy with my Schiit Bifrost.
Parasound ZDAC $475 with Asynchronous on ALL inputsup to 420KHZ.
Thank you guys for your quick response! I'll check out those units. Does that mean those on my list are inferior, regarding sound quality, to those you recommended? Thanks again!
The HRT HD has a great Stereophile review. Much better than the Halide, according to it. However, it says on their website that they are currently working on a driver to stream 24/192 files via USB in Windows. Don't most companies provide their own drivers to play hi def files (higher then 24/96) via USB in Windows platforms?

The Concero has a great review on 6Moons, and drivers are provided by the manufactures to play 24/192 (and ever higher resolution) files via USB in Windows.

The µDAC-HD DAC looks like another good contender.

Tough call! Have anyone listened these units side by side?
The Parasound Zdac looks great and has an awesome review. However, no drivers are provided to play 24/192 via USB in Windows :(

Are there universal drivers to make windows play 24/192 via USB? (I am new to this)
Not that your preferences would be the same, but the Stereophile reviewer concludes he prefers the Halide to the HRT HD, though he earlier mentions a way in which the HRT might be better.
Jl35, you are right. However, from what I can see the Halide DAC does not support 24/192, which I need.
In the end Totally relying on reviews and opinion is mostly fruitless. So, audition the Concero and Schiit, and send one of them back.
Concero from Canada. Google it.
The Concero and Schiit Bitfrost are definitely the top contenders. I think I'll do what Bsme85 suggested. Thank you everybody for their input and help. I'll let you know which one I kept! Cheers