Best Speaker Match for JC-1's : VMPS or Von S.?

I have pretty well narrowed my choice of speakers for my Jc-1's to two models: The VMPS RM30 and the Von Schweikert VR-4 JR.
Between the VMPS RM 30 and the Von Schweikert VR-4 JR,Which would you recommend as matching best with my Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock amps, and having a similar sonic signature to the amps?
Also has anyone out there heard both of these speakers?
If so, what were the sonic differences, sonic advantages, and sonic disadvantages of them compared to one another?
Thanks for your help and advice!
Anyone out there got any kind of response?
I can say that I know the VMPS speakers will enjoy the current. I run a Parasound HCA 3500 with mine. Tried a Marsh A400s at 200wpc and the bass would get loose if it was loud. I also know Brian's speakers will handle alot of power (on my second set). I haven't heard the Von Schweikerts or the RM 30's but I have heard the 40's and they are mind bogglingly good for the money. If I were you I'd go listen to both and see which speaker I liked best. The VS is also supposed to be a great bargain but it's really upto your personal taste. As a matter of fact I'd like to hear your impressions due to the fact I may buy a new set of speakers next year (probably RM 40's). Be sure to mention the acoustic environment they were played in too. Thanks
Thanks a million for the lone response to my thread.
I appreciate your time very much.
As a VMPS dealer I think you can guess where my reccomendation might lie.

But I have heard "both" speakers and they both are incredible and each have their own sonic personalities.

I really like the VS and would also say that in a well treated room you could very easily live with both speakers.

I would suggest that the VS would have more "dispersion" which would give you a larger sweet spot, with degraded imaging (notice I didn't say bad imaging)

The RM30 with its more limited dispersion would have a slightly smaller sweet seat, but "razor sharp" image and stage.

Both will play quite loudly without strain. Both are quite atractive depending on your aesthetic sense.

Both have similar bass capability and will be subject to placement and set up.

The RM30 has "adjustabilty" to the midrange and HF drivers making it more adaptable to "specific" preferences and requirements.

Again, I quite like the VR-Jr and in a recent listening session, felt that it offered one of the most pleasing of listening experiences (with the associated equip).

I beleive the RM30 is less expensive, even with most of the option/upgrades (when purchased through a dealer)

So, again I would say that neither would make you unhappy, but if price and imaging are at the top of your list, the RM30 might have the edge.
I've heard both. Quite frankly, I can't stand the the VMPS stuff (have heard the 626R, RM40, RM/X). Wasn't a big fan of VS either, but the VR4jr was very impressive with an ARC amp
At minimum you owe it to yourself to listen to the VMPS. I've been in the hobby 30 years and like it when I get alot for my money. They are definitely worth hearing. You should consider the RM 40's. The ones I heard belong to an opera singer who is well known and travels the world. I asked him how close to "real" he thought they sounded. He told me they are very close and was very impressed. This guy has been singing opera for alot of years and is at the New York Met regularly so knows what he's hearing better than most of us I'm sure. Magazine and user reviews have been outstanding and winning best sound at CES with a model that has be improved upon means something too. Absolute Sound thought his last incarnation were Best sound of show at CES a few years ago and the latest ribbons are even better.
On the other side of the coin I've read nothing but good about Von Schweikerts speakers and am quite curious myself about them. One thing that worries me with the Von Schweikert is how good is the bass. I know people say the bass is good but what most people consider good I consider wimpy. True flat response to the mid twenties isn't that easily done. I'm on my second pair of VMPS speakers and Brian is well known for giving of the best bass in the price class there is.
One last thing: Brian will be the first to admit his speakers can sound terrible. They take some time to learn to tune the passive radiators and adjust the pots. Most people love them out of the box but until you've dealt with this design you don't know how much better they are capable of sounding once fully dialed in. I remember a rave review he received in the Absolute Sound warning of this feature. He gives you enough rope to hang yourself. On the upside room acoustics are a huge part of the sound we hear. Far too often overlooked by audiophiles, especially considering the large improvement room treatment can add. It's your money...
Forgot to add you should go over to the VMPS circle at and ask. I know one person had a chance to hear both at a dealer I believe in Washington D.C. who carries both lines. He ended up with the RM 40's but it seems like it was a close call. Good Luck and let us know what you hear along with the room/ancillaries. Thanks