best speaker cables in the 2k to 3k range ?

considering the Nordost Heimdall or the Audioquest MontBlanc.Or any other cable that would do justice at that price range.Using Bat amp and preamp into Audio Physics Scorpios.What is the opinion out there..thank you
I would recommend puting on your audition list Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker wire. It took me about another $3500.00 to beat its performance sonicly in my system.
AQ Volcano the same sound as the Mont Blanc but bigger.
Their is currently a pair of Jorma #1 being offered for $3500.00, on Audiogon. It retails for over $5000.00. You might be able to purchase it for less than the $3500.00 asking price. This is some of the best speaker cable that I have heard.
Don't overlook a home audition of Reality cables. You can find out if you like them, and if not return them.
Just a suggestion. When you shop for speaker cables, don't start with a dollar amount. Speaker cable is one of those things that higher price doesn't mean better. The interactions between the power amp, the speaker cable, and the speaker must be dealt with as one unit. I am using BAT VK-51SE, BAT-VK75SE(winter amp), Theta Dreadnaught(summer amp), and Vandy 5. I have tried many speaker cables ranging from $20 Home Depot power cord to Nordost SPM. I ended up using two pairs of Alpha Core Python in bi-amp configuration with the Theta Dreadnaught and a pair of Harmonic Tech Pro-9 bi-wired with the BAT. I could have used the Home Depot power cord with the BAT if it has better WAF. Sound-wise, I couldn't hear any difference.

My point is don't over look low price cables just because they are cheap. And try to ignore the price when you audition. It might save you a lot of money to put into other upgrades that might yield more improvements.
Crystal Cable Micros fit in the lower end of your price range and I highly recommend them. Mine are clear, neutral and smooth with any system I've connected them to. And they're versatile if you decide to biwire. If you need to spend more then you can go up their product line and get the same neutral sound .... just more.
Cable performance is probably the least related to cost of all audio components. Rather than investing in very expensive speaker cables that may serve as little more than tone controls, closely scrutinize room acoustics and speaker placement. Appropriate use of diffusion and absorption, and proper speaker positioning can yield astounding improvements at little or no cost. Assess the accuracy of the source components, amplification and speakers. Wiring comes in dead last in overall effect regardless of what the cable companies would have audiophiles believe. Good luck!
for $900.00- the Auditorium 23s frm Germany is hard to beat!!!