Best speaker cables for Revel Salons

I currently own a pair of Salons and I'm driving them with a pair of Cary SLAM 100s using two runs of Discovery Signature. I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with these speakers and tube amps and what made a good match. I also may buy a levinson amp in the future to switch back and forth with so suggestions there are also welcomed. Thanks Tommy
Transparent Reference XL is a perfect match. I have an extra pair if you need any.
Before you go off to spend lots of money, $1000s plus, try out the SilverAudio cables. Great great resolution and a perfect match with tube gear. I use ARC tube preamp and amp with Magnepan speakers. Check out for free home trials. I have compared Transparent, Straightwire and Magnan and found the SilverAudio to be an excellent product. Just too much of this can make a system sound too analytical just like too much of Transparent can be too warm and loss of resolution. My own experience is that interconnect cables make a far far greater difference than speaker cables. But then again, I try to use as small a speaker cable length as possible.
I was wondering what you finally decided upon regarding the salon cables. I've heard that harmonic tech. or straightwire may be good for them. Got any suggestions?
Depends on how much you want to spend. I like Pure Note so far. Love the Epsilon's but the Sigma's are great for the price. They work great with SS or tube, very liquid. They ate my SPM'S for lunch.