Best speaker cables for Reference 3a speakers

I want to know your experience with this speaker brand and cables.
As I saw, many people use speaker cables from Acoustic Zen, Cardas, Harmonic Technology, Van Den Hul or Nirvana.
I really love Reference 3a De Capo i and Integrale Noveau speakers, so I want to buy the best speaker cables for them.
Thank you for your suggest and recomendations.
I owned de Capos years ago- GREAT SPEAKERS! Keep in mind "Best" means different things to different people. If you want a giant killer get 2 sets Clear Day Solid Core Silver shotgun with bananas. If you can't afford both sets then get one and have him make up a set of jumpers (if you get bananas, then the jumpers need to be spade or vice versa). They do not look like a million bucks, but then don't cost an arm or a leg, either
What amp will be driving your 3As.I am driving a pair of 3A Dulcet with some VAC Musicblocs and am having some nice synergy with some custom AZ Satori with built-in pigtails for the highs. I have read that the 3A speakers, because of their simple crossover( one cap) like to be bi-wired. You might consider contacting a gentleman named Tash at the manufacturer. His e-mail address is: [email protected] I hope you enjoy your speakers as much as I enjoy mine.
I owned a pair of reference 3As for three years,tried countless cables,finally found my perfect match, a pair of MIT magnum bi-wire speaker cables with magnum interconnects, great combination, the speakers disapeared and the music was in the room. Of course everyone has there own tastes, but you must audition these cables before you decide.
I know the Grand Veenas are extensively treated with AVM paint inside, but I don't know if their other speakers are. The Virtual Dynamics top wires are also so treated. I know what benefits there are from this technology so I would suggest that they might be of interest to you.