best speaker cable under $300?

I'm using DH labs Q-10 biwire and happy with it. now I need a longer pair. before buying another pair of Q-10, i wonder if there are better cables in this price range. I need a 10ft biwire pair with banana termination, and cost no more than $300 used or new.

I have a Musical Fidelity A300 intergrated amp with Monitor Audio Gold Ref 20 speakers

thanks in advance
LAT International. Inexpensive and world class. Call Lou over there and he'll set you free. They have a money back guarentee. Can't beat that with a stick. I love mine. peace, warren
Check out Kimber 8TC. This was my first pair of speaker cables.
I second the LAT. Great price and you can audition them for free.
Its worth getting the maestro audience
for adding a little more than 300 dollars,
For my taste, I like it better than the Au24
although most of the agoners like the
au24. Its way better than you have, I like
the 8tc too, but the maestro is better IMHO.
Signal Cable Shotgun. Under $200 and probably better that anything under a grand.
Stick with the Q-10. You know it works and it's a quality
You may look at Mapleshade... I have an IC and think it's great....
MIT T-2 biwire..I auditioned 8TC,Harmonic tech.Pro-11's and the MIT's
Both the MIT and H.T. creamed the 8TC.
The MIT and H.T. were very close,almost identicle sounding,but the bass w/the MIT's was a tad deeper.
You can get a 10' biwire run of T-2's w/bananas for < $300..used of course.
The majority of cables have a rather "homogenous" sound in my estimation...and few vary greatly over generic copper "lamp cord" wire...harst but true...the one that really stands out IMHO...NORDOST...their SOLAR WIND and SUPER FLATLINE cables in your range really do bring a level of clarity and transparency few can rival...