Best speaker cable and interconnect for Thiel 7.2?

Soundstage review recommends MIT and Transparent. Any comments or suggestions, including what definitely does not work?
Cardas is a perennial favorite with Thiel. I have had great success with Audience AU24, though with a different model of Thiel. As always, compatiblilty with the rest of your system and your personal preferences are most important.
I have heard my CS3.6's with very high end MIT cables, and interconnects, and the results were very impressive. However, with the lower end MIT speaker cables, I was less impressed. I swapped out a pair of AVt3's for Cardas Neutral Reference (and I know, I should have compared the Cardas to the AVt1's), and was very happy with the switch. I have heard AVt1's versus AVt3's, and the difference between the AVt3's and the Neutral Ref was much larger. I am still working out just what interconnects work best for me.

Cardas Golden Cross (for warmth) or Cardas Golden Reference (less warm a little more detailed than Golden Cross). Thiels have an affinity for Cardas that is amazing. Like Dan I've also heard Audience AU24 used to good effect.
I'm using Nordost Valhalla, and I'm very satisfied with no temptation to try any other. The 7.2 is not bright, like the other speakers in the Thiel line-up. I definitely do not think they need any component to make them sound more 'warm'.

I use Harmonic Technologies pro9 with my CS6s and they sound great. I used to use Tara Labs RSC Air 2 and the HT cables really opened up the detail.

Rtn: I do not understand your comment "the 7.2 is not bright, like other speakers in the Thiel line up."

I have heard them all on many occasions under a wide variety of conditions (rooms, components, cables mood) and, to my ears, NONE of them are bright when powered appropriately. It's always the software!

I should ammend my statement to say that the 2.3s can be bright, and I guess since I am not familiar with the other speakers, I cannot say. I'm sure the CS6 is very similar to the 7.2, and also is not bright. My only point being that even among the Thiel line, it is hard to extrapolate best cables. Also, I have found cables with a warm presentation not to be necessarily the best with the 7.2.
When I was Dirctor of Sales for THIEL, we used Kimber Kable for a period of time; the (new at that time) Select Series which replaced the Black Pearl. The necessity of politics required that we use several, since our dealer base, with the various cables they carried, as well as our importers/distributors abroad had to be supported.
My personal favorite,and several others there, not to speak for everyone, (read least colored) at that time was the 1030 Interconnects, with the 3038 Kimber Select. So that would be the silver/silver.
Of late I have tried some cables made by Paul Garner of Von Schweikert; they are FAST, CLEAN, and COLORLESS, at this moment.(Until something comes along that is better.) These are flat, linear crystal, and they shunt rfi. (They are recently declassified copper shielding for sensitive space satellites, which, if bombarded by rfi could be jammed.The unseen, secondary benefit is the cleanliness. Try that with the REMARKABLE QUANTUM QRT (Quantum Resonance Technologies box) WOW!!!!
Call Paul Garner, he will tell you more.