Best Speaker Cable 20 Foot Pair

I am currently running with Thor Audio tube 60 watt
monoblocks, Thor TA 2000 preamp and A Cary Audio 306/200
cd player which I use as a transport with my Thor Audio Dacs. The system sits on Sistrum racks from Star Sound Technology and my Quad 988 also rest on Sistrum stands. The sound is wonderful but I need to replace the loudspeaker cable as I need a 20 foot run, and also need 3 meters of interconnect and 15 feet run of power cords to plus into the Quads. Can anyone recommend quality speaker
cables, interconnects and power cords? It seems that
everybody sells the above and making the wrong choice
would be an extremely expensive mistake.
I'd love to see a picture or a diagram of your room. You say you need 15' power cords for your Quads. Are they that far out from the back wall? Are there convenient outlets?

You need 20' from the monoblocks to the speakers, and yet only 9' for the interconnects between the Thor preamp and the monoblocks. I'm wondering if you could not rearrange things. Have you considered short speaker cables with longer interconnects?

Perhaps you need a couple of extra outlets added to help the Quads out - is that possible?

Dear Metralla:

My Quad power cords are plugged into a Ricard Gray 2100S
which is housed on my racks. The speakers are many feet to
the left of my racks. My speaker cable needs a 20 foot run as they are over 15 feet from my two racks. The Quad power cords are plugged into the Richard Gray which is far from my two racks. The racks are near each other, that is the reason for the three meter interconnect requirement.Thanks
for your comments. Any cable or interconnect or power cord
The other bit of information that would be helpful before responding to your question regards your budget for each of the items you propose to buy. For example, the "best" speaker cable may be the Nirvanas, but they are stratospherically expensive. Help us by establishing some cost parameters.

I think the second thing you should seriously consider is ra-arranging your system, so you can use longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables. Interconnects carry a much lower voltage signal than speaker cables, and they also tend to be cheaper than speaker cables.
Thanks for your response. I am looking for the best bang for the buck so to speak. I won't spend $5000.00 for a so
foot pair of speaker cable, but will spend $2000.00 if it is excellent. The system cannot be arrnaged as the speakers
are set up for me to hear at a prearranged listening area.
This is the final system arrangement. But thanks for your interest.
Kjl: what I had in mind about re-arranging your system was to move the monoblock amps close to each speaker, and then use long interconnects from the preamp to each monoblock. Many owners of monoblock amps place them close to the speakers because of the advantages offered by short speaker cables / long interconnects.

I have limited experience with the hyper-expensive interconnects and speaker cables, but I can say that I think the Alpha-Core and Kimber products offer a LOT of performance for the money. I have owned interconnects and speaker cables by both of these companies, and conclude that you will have to spend a LOT more money to do much better. The other reasonably priced speaker cable that has gotten favorable comments on this forum is the Analysis Plus Oval 9. If you decide to retain your current arrangement of components, you will need 40+ feet of speaker cable, which means that you will fairly heavy gauge wire (at least 12 gauge, and preferably 9-10).

For example, the Kimber 8TC (IM, the best of the lower-priced Kimber cables) now costs $14 a linear foot, and with factory terminations the total cost (from Audio Advisor) for a 20-foot pair will be $608. A 20-foot pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9's would be around $700.

Another product that you might want to consider is the new line of "DBS" (dielectric bias system) cables from AudioQuest. This new line of cables uses a 24 volt battery pack (attached to each cable) to keep the dielectric surrounding the wires charged. I have not read any reviews yet of the "DBS" technology, but the concept looks very interesting. A 20-foot pair of the least-expensive CV-6 model costs $880.

Last suggestion if you want to move into really expensive territory: look at the Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cable, which uses an 8.5 gauge wire (272 discrete conductors), and costs about $1600 for a terminated 20-foot pair.

Regarding interconnects: I have used both the Kimber Heros and the Alpha-Core TQ2's (currently in my system), and have been pleased with both as they provide a very high price/performance ratio. Infact, the Kimber Heros were chosen by TAS as the "Interconnect of the Year" not long ago.

I have no experience with the high-end power cables, so I'll leave that to others.

All of the products I've mentioned are available from The Audio Advisor.
Kjl writes:
My Quad power cords are plugged into a Ricard Gray 2100S
I guess you mean a RGPC 1200S (retail $2100) which lives in one of your two racks and powers all your items. Correct?

I'm thinking along the same lines as Sdcampbell. In fact, I said "Have you considered short speaker cables with longer interconnects?" in my initial response.

Can we at least explore this option? I hate categorical statements like:
This is the final system arrangement.
I'd try plugging the speakers and power amps directly into the wall, but that's just me.

If you are dead keen on the improvement the Richard Gray devices bring to your power amps and speakers, how about buying two RGPC 400MK II's ($780) and locating each one of these close to the back of the one of the Quads. Connect the monoblock and the Quad to the RGPC 400 with very short power cords which will keep the cost down. You should be able to plug the 400 into the wall with a standard Belden offering - they do make some heavy duty ones that should be OK for plugging the power conditioner into the wall.

Use very short speaker leads. Much cheaper!

Now instead of 15' power cords snaking across the floor from the RGPC 1200S in the rack to the back of the Quads (not to mention the loudspeaker cables) you have a 15' interconnect. That's gotta look way better.

The number of items plugged into the 1200S has gone down of course, and now that item is overkill. You could possibly sell it and buy another 400, and that may work out. Actually I'd sell it, buy a 400 and connect just the digital components, and plug the preamp directly into the wall.

Metralla and Sdcampbell - at least in my imagination, you guys are offering GREAT advice on options for this setup. I like to see this sort of open-mindedness and the solid fundamentals your suggestions are built upon. Great posts!
Definitely check out the Alpha-Core cables.
Dear Kjl, The only way not to get burned is to try the cables you like before buying. The only real choice you have is The Cable Co. The selection will be limited at these lengths but they do have some. I auditioned Cardas, Nirvana and Purist from them and I barrowed 6 meter lengths. I paid alot to try them but then used the money to buy some used cables from them. No mistakes, no resales; Good Luck, Dredster
I have been very pleased with Goertz MI2 ribbon cables in a 28 foot run to my crosby Quad 63s. Call alpha core direct...they sell a 50 and 75 foot wholesale spool and will terminate as you like. Excellent value and fine match for ESLs.
To conclude the comments about the Alpha-Core speaker cables and interconnects: Alpha-Core sells their products via Internet with a 30-day, money back audition. If you don't like the cables, return them for a full refund. How many manufacturers do you know with such a policy?
There is no best cable. You need to try a few and decide what is the best match in your system. Also what is your budget limit? There are many online companies that offer 30 day trials and excellent products for the money. Do a search on this site for my recommendations.