Best SACD Player Help Needed

I'm interested in purchasing a SACD player and would like opinions on the format as I understand that it is fading. I have a Onkyo CD changer and would like assistance with the forthcoming upgrade. I have Martin Logan SL3s. What should I expect in regards to sound quality with SACD and with an upgrade in CD player? How will my current standard cds sound? Any advice, Suggestions, or website references will be appreciated.

go poke around over here. Pretty active forum

Do you have a budget? What electronics will it be used with?

Buy a reasonably priced used SACD player with good resale value and try it in your system. If it really floats your boat, consider an upgrade.
SONYXA5400ES under $1000 new.
Find a Denon 2900 here or ebay $150-$200. Well built, plays SACDs sounds very decent. Great transport if you want to use a DAC with it later. Of course it is a good DVD player too. If you want to upgrade from there you can probably sell it for what you paid. My philosphy is to be a late adapter when things are cheaper. (I buy a lot of $1 to $2 albums) There will always be plenty of SACDs for sale new or used. My 2 cents.
Try a sony 595, often available as a refurb for $60 from Sony Style. If money is no object for the 5400.
A lot of good advice from other posters. I would add my 2 cents and say consider getting a Universal player ( the Denon 2900 ihas been mentioned). If you decide SACD isn't for you, you still have a machine that will do a lot for you.
Many threads here on the difference of SACD vs. red book cd. My bias is that SACD always sounds much better, but the results can also depend upon the given recording.
Great Blue Ray player as well as for cds SACDs and DVD-audio: Oppo BDP 95.
I agree with the others who suggest buying a cheaper used unit. Denon 2200, 2900, 3910, or 3930 can all be found for around or under $200. The 3910 was originally about $1500, is pretty good stock, and is a favorite of the modding community. I believe there are still a few companies offering upgrades for it, so it could be your intro to SACD AND your upgrade.

A little pricier and not universal, but the Sony C555es is an excellent sounding SACD/CD 5 disc carousel. It can still be found fairly cheap.